Frontier Communications / customer service over billing error

Between Sept 15th and yesterday, I have called at least five times to Fromtier Comminications customer service to resolve a billing error that occurred as a result of me downsizing our bundle package to WiFi only. Somewhere along the line someone decided to charge me a $200 cancellation fee, even though I was still using your company. AND charge the whole bundle fee instead of WiFi only.

Each time I was told that the problem was resolved... but alas, it was not. It still is not. The only difference now is that I am soooo frustrated with Frontier and your lack of service that I have replaced all of the services By competitors (WiFi as well as tv), AND NO LONGER WANT THEIR SERVICES.

Every time I speak to customer service, I THINK they get it but then I am charged yet again. STOP PROVIDING ME WITH SERVICE I CANCELLED AND I NO LONGER WANT... I just want it to stop.

Jan 30, 2018

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