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I started my service in August under a $200 gift card promotion for starting service. My bill was going to be 106.00 a month. My first problem was immediate when I saw that they did not have all my tv's set up for the right services. Then I find out that a dual hd dvr box only offers hd on one tv. Then I had to add an additional hd box in order to get my services set up right. The internet was not set up right and I spent the first week of my service on the phone with them trying to get it all set up. When my first bill come it says 269.34. Another part of my agreement was free installation, another phone call to customer service to get that fixed. My next bill is 175.00, another call and they said that I was misquoted but I saved my quotes and told them that that is not my problem. In this time my Internet has gone out 3 times for several hours at a time. Now it is October and I have not received my gift card so, once again, I have to call customer service for them to tell me that they will get my $100.00 gift card right out. I said what; I signed up under a $200.00 promo and I was told that there was no such promo and that the paper that was addressed to me that came in the mail in August was I figure of my imagination. So now after all this bull I have to search and find A piece of paper to prove that I am due a 200 dollar gift card. This person actually said that I was lying to try to get money that simply don't deserve. If anyone happens to maybe have this promo it would really help me to prove that I am not a liar and make them honor their agreement and also by doing this I want to have all papers in order to get out of this agreement without fees and I will hire an attorney to deal with this issue, I have never been treated so badly and had such terrible service. If anyone may have that promo or had the same problem please e-mail me at [protected] I would greatly appreciate it.

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  • Ne
      Oct 30, 2011

    Frontier is a company lost in debt, and desperately trying to hang its woes on its customer base, knowing full well that many of the rural base has absolutely no other option. They ARE a monopoly, and they ARE fraudulant.

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  • Su
      Aug 12, 2015

    Frontier has horrible internet service, I have 30 work tickets and they showed up maybe 5 times. Just in the past week alone, 2 days in a row again was a NO SHOW! They make you wait all day long and don't bother to show up at all! 7 months they cant fix it because they don't know what the hell they are doing. Im not receiving phone calls and my daughter is due any day. They don't care one bit.No internet and continuous disconnects that are frequent. Bad modems and they can't even credit your account. Well right there says they do not care about their customers. Why should people pay for a service that don't work???

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  • Te
      Feb 12, 2018

    I signed up in November 2017 for phone and internet services. When I signed up I was told I would have a 3 year price guarantee with no commitment. I straight up told them I will never do a commitment with anything ever again. Been there, done that. They guaranteed me this was not a commitment just a guarantee they offered their customers. Their promo was a $200 Amazon gift card that I qualified for. Just pay on time for 3 months (90 days) and receive a $200 Amazon gift card. I bluntly asked the what was the catch? They said to get the free gift card just pay my bill on time. OK. I can do that. So I did. Fast forward to Feb 2018. I did receive my digital Amazon $200 gift card code via my email. The email follows.

    Dear Valued Customer:

    Welcome to Frontier and thank you for choosing us as your home entertainment and connectivity
    provider! We appreciate your business and will work hard to provide you with fast, reliable
    internet, great customer service, and competitive pricing. As part of your recent qualifying purchase, you are eligible for an Gift Card*.

    Your Gift Card can be redeemed towards millions of items at Do not
    delete this message - you will need the gift card claim code below. You may want to print a copy of
    message for easy reference later.

    With your new Internet service, you have agreed to a two-year term and $200 pro-rated early
    termination fee on your internet service. This fee will be automatically charged if you cancel your
    internet service prior to the two-year expiration. If you should have any questions regarding your
    Frontier products or services, please call customer service at [protected]. Thank you for choosing

    Frontier Communication

    Frontier Internet Team

    ****WHAT?**** Are you kidding me? I will be contacting these people and if this a scam or there is a catch they failed to disclose I will be contacting the WV attorney General office!

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