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Frontier Communications / fraud and cheating

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Frontier Communications is a pure rip off company, with their own self serving concerns in mind. Their end users or customers are merely pawns to them, whom they rape on a regular basis. They are a capitalist money scrounging parasite that preys on rural citizens as a result of their monopolistic strangle holds resulting from the FCC not allowing fair market competitiveness. The Federal and State Governments do what about it? Well nothing of course….no wonder this country is in such dire straits.

Frontier does not promote fair market competitiveness as a result of union strangle holds in geographical areas. Unions – there another topic of discussion! THE END RESULT OF THIS IS EVER INCREASING PRICES. The same services from other communications competitors (not allowed in these geographical areas) are 35 – 50% lower in costs. Talk about a monopoly – wow! Talk about a consumer rip off – wow, and Federal and state agencies standing by letting it all happen. The good ol' boy policy.

The quality of service and mean time response to repairs from Frontier is deplorable and an embarrassment. It would be one thing if costs were a gradual creep. Even the fast rise of gasoline costs late in 2008 seemed like a deal compared to Frontiers pricing structure. I was told (prior me canceling DSL) that my high speed internet connection would be 3MB. I was lucky to get 256K on a good weather day. Their service should be called CPSL as opposed to DSL (Carrier Pigeon Service link). Then they have the gawl to increase prices on this poor performance? All because they can get away with it.

I have made numerous attempts at getting another DSL provider. But ALL other ISP companies tell me they can not provide service to my area due to Frontier having total control in these geographical areas. What ever happened to the FCC ruling of geographical diversity of communications carries? I think that was is all BS!

I have now decided to forego internet service in my home. I would rather do without, then feed Carpathians.

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  • Di
      20th of Jan, 2009
    +2 Votes
    Frontier - Fradulant charges
    124 N. 9th St
    Bonnie, Illinois
    United States
    Phone: 618-279-7784

    I just received my Frontier phone bill. Surprise a charge for something I didn't order
    I called Frontier, they said that they had several calls about this service. But refused to take it off of my bill. They are not suppose to let 3rd party companies do this. I did not order this service.
    Frontier did give me this number to call 800-460-0078. They said that they would take off the charge and gave me a confirmation #
    We'll see!!

  • Bl
      3rd of Feb, 2009
    +3 Votes

    I have the same thing on my Frontier bill for 19.95 for Voicemail. I've tried to call this 800 number and it won't let me get through to a real person. What a scam!

    Please update and let us know what happens. I wonder how many other Frontier customers were subjected to this mess! I'm in Michigan BTW.

  • Gr
      20th of Mar, 2009
    Best Best Advice +4 Votes

    I agree Frontier is a bad company. I had business class DSL with them. I had an inexcusable amount of billing problems. Rates being increased while rate locked in a contract. Thank goodness the small cable company started internet in my town.

    Another thing. They scam customers into contracts and agreements. Local phone plans with unlimited long distance for $49.95 a month, or 100 minutes of long distance for $19.95 with a couple of calling features. It all works great until the day you want to change your plan.. You later find that your agreement auto renews, they give you a hassle to cancel. You call a month or two to change and they tell you its too early. "call back in another two weeks".. Two weeks comes and goes and they tell you the same thing when you call. If your a day or two too late then it already auto renewed. I changed my plan to go month to month, told the CSR I did not want ANY agreement to go month to month. I looked at my bill and I am under an 12 month agreement. Hopefully the cable company will get local telephone service soon and I will be able to cut all ties to Frontier.

    Frontier is constantly pushing Dish Network for $9.99 a month, pushing people to bundle internet, phone, and TV. Then offer you $125.00 gift cards, free laptops, if you sign up for the deal. Buyer beware.. If the deal looks too good to be true.. It is.

  • He
      22nd of Jun, 2018
    0 Votes

    @Greg I agree with you completely. Raising my bill without notice. Security for internet talked into and billed but they did not activate. I did the email to do this a year ago, they said it was my fault. They collected money every month for security. We are suppose to have 4 to 6 mbps only get 1.3 to 2.0 in our area. They will not upgrade and have no answers to help. Call supervisor to check if we are to get upgrade, said she would call back. She did not.

    I really think they should not block other isp from coming in. We are trapped and they know it. How do we get help from the state?

  • Br
      20th of Mar, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I had them 3 yrs ago... It lasted 2months b4 I was feed up with charges I asked about and they couldnt answer...Maybe with enough complaints we can get something done about it!

  • Zo
      20th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    What the FCC requires is that local telcos allow other providers to use the local loop.

    If you don't understand what that means - dsl is not for you.

    Yes - you can get dsl service through other providers, but it's still going to come through the same copper pair owned by the Frontier - or whomever your local telco is.

    Sometimes, it *is* better to go through another company.

    Qwest owns the copper at one location I manage, but the dsl service is through another company.

    It's still Qwest's local loop - but our dsl company has more pull with them than I do and can correct errors faster.

    And it means we have no business relationship with Qwest, so they can't telemarket me.

    See if you can get Covad or another of the nationals.

    What they essentially do is act as your agent.

  • Wa
      20th of Mar, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Just got off the phone with Frontier to try to get out of my "contract" which is up in August. I want to switch to RCN for phone, cable and internet. CSR told me in order to get out of my phone is $200 and then my internet $200 and about the dish, they would have to check. What a friggin ripoff. The RCN rep told me that if they can not PROVE that I signed a "contract" it is not enforceable. He said to have them fax you a copy of the signed contract. I will call them back and see.

    The only reason I had Frontier (Commonwealth Telephone) since I moved in 3 years ago is because they were the only phone company. Like you said, no one to complete with. Well now I want to give cable a try for everything.

  • Al
      14th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    In June 2009 I purchased Frontier's "High-Speed Internet" service at the advertised price of $29.99/month + modem fee of 4.50/month. The modem was installed on July 16, 09.

    When I received the first bill including internet service, in August, I was charged 44.99/ month plus an unadvertised 44.99 fee for High Speed Internet Max Term 6/23/09 - 6/23/10.

    The customer service representatives said either I would pay $44.99 per month for Max, or $24.99 for Light, which is half the speed of Max. I didn't want to pay the $44.95/month fee so I chose Light. They adjusted my bill to $100.66 from $187.65.

    The Frontier brochure clearly states "Mega-fast connections to download music, games, photos and more". When I called the number listed on the flyer, 1-877-803-7311, Dustin said the $29.99 was for Max, not Light.

    I believe Frontier should stand behind its advertising and provide me with the service I expected to receive, Max, at the advertised price for the 1-year "Price Protection Plan", $29.99.

  • Nd
      7th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    We inherited a house in Balaton MN, so I was looking into my options for internet. I see frontier owns the town. they are charging $50 for a 3mbps connection. Unacceptable !! As of now I have Midco Max 25mbps @ $60.

    I called Midco, they said they bought the cable in Balaton but its to old to use. They stated within the next two years they will have their fiber dug in and lines replaced. I may have to wait to move. I don't think I could handle going back to almost dial up speeds.

    It wont be long and frontier will be selling green pine tree air fresheners.

  • Si
      8th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    Frontier appears to be the only game in rural Mohave County for High Speed Internet service. The other options in this town? Go to dial-up services and risk being ripped off when the rates are raised after a "Trial Period".

    A 76-year old friend contracted with Frontier for the "Special High Speed Internet Package" at $29.99 per month. When the price of this service mysteriously climbed to $44 and change, he began sending a minimum payment to the company. His original contract began in mid-November, 2008. It would appear that his telephone service was bundled with the DSL as a package, because a couple of weeks ago Frontier cancelled both his internet AND telephone service.

    Friend stops by to ask for help in solving the problem. He is looking at a bill in excess of $300 (!). As it is a Saturday, I telephone and am unable to get through to Tech Support. So instead, I go through the Repairs department. I speak with a very nice rep who informs me that my friend has indeed been overcharged a total of $159.19 -- he has been paying at least $15 per month too much for the High Speed Internet, which indeed should cost him just $29.99 per month. I am assured by the rep that if my friend pays the "current amount due" of $75.98, all his services will be turned on within 15 minutes. So I am given authorization and information to act on my friend's behalf and request they deduct this amount from his checking account. The same rep assures me that the $159.19 will be credited to this man's account...she just needs to speak with her Supervisor on Monday. Since then, my friend received a letter acknowledging the $75.98 payment AND a Past Due notice in the amount of $216.39. Ergo, his account has not been credited the $159.19 that the rep in Repairs stated the company overcharged for services (plus Federal, State and Local taxes on the magically increased monthly High Speed Service charges, as stated in the contract). So I must go higher up the food chain to get this problem resolved (or so it would appear).

    Since service was restored, my friend's "High Speed 3MBps" internet service has slowed to a crawl. Intermittently, he achieves the sort of speeds one would expect from High Speed DSL. I have run utilities which check for every sort of Malware, without locating, isolating and destroying any such critter. The service (in XP Pro) is totally unacceptable. I've booted Linux from CD and gotten much better and consistently quick performance. Nothing changed on this man's PC between the time service was shut down until it was restored. He continues to assert that Frontier "has done something deliberate to sabotage his machine" and "they're deliberating screwing with me because they do not want to do the right thing." At first I thought my friend was speaking out of frustration and aggravation and a bit of paranoia. Now I'm seriously beginning to wonder about the ethics (such as they are) of Frontier.

    I've also noted that his DSL modem rapidly heats up to the point of becoming a fire hazard. I will need to call Frontier on this problem, as this man has been paying the monthly Modem Rental fees and Frontier needs to fix or replace the Modem. And of course, there should be no costs involved, as Modem Rental is the price one pays not to be charged out the yazoo in the event of equipment failure. Would that I were a telephony expert and also knew how to take apart and repair problems in the related hardware: I could recommend that my friend simply go out and purchase his own third party modem, as it's a better deal in the long run and you own the equipment.

    Frontier's sign up "deals" are rather shady. You opt in for one year at what is supposed to be a set rate for the Light or High Speed, or pay an extra $100 to have the DSL cable run for a dedicated line and an additional amount (neighborhood of $10, when you include all the taxes and various nickels and dimes for inexplicable charges) if you opt for month to month service. But wait! The rules of what installation costs are arbitrary. I was told it would cost $34.99 to installation of a cable for the DSL Light service. When the fellow arrives, he TELLS me there will be an additional twenty dollar charge to "run a second line." I have made it plain to Frontier that I wanted ONLY a dedicated data line, as there is already a telephone line in place and I did would not be using the data line for anything other than internet service. In the recent past, there was a second line that had been run into this place. So already, I'm questioning the integrity of "what I was told by a company rep" versus "what actually happened during the installation process."

    I will say that the Technician who did the installation was polite and professional and did a very neat job of running cable and strategically running wires so they would not be hazardous and used a minimalist rather than an extreme approach to wiring. Everything looks very tidy. But where did this magic twenty dollar charge creep in?

    You will also note that, with the exception of emailing tech support, it is extraordinarily difficult to find an email address for people working in a Supervisory capacity. As I learned long ago, "getting it in writing" is the ideal form of communication -- especially with companies that seem content with saying one thing and doing another. Frontier appears to prefer doing business in such a way that no proof of the conversation exists. So? Either record the conversation yourself (and by law you must warn whoever answers the call that you are recording this conversation "for quality purposes"... essentially feeding back the same message you receive when you phone into Frontier). And keep a notebook and pen handy, as well.

    FYI: there are laws in the state of Arizona regarding consumer complaints about utilities overcharging. And if you do the research, you're likely to find a similar law in your state or county. I fully intend to get email addresses of those who function in a Supervisory capacity and quote Arizona law and, if necessary, keep going until I'm exchanges email with the Regional Manager, the VP (the VP always tends to be much more knowledgeable about the consumer than the CEO or President of a corporation ever is).

    And one more item of note: you can test the speed of your connection's download and upload times using various free utilities. Simply google "test internet speed" (quotes unnecessary) and choose from a long list of sites. Do this test a couple of times per week just for jollies and keep a log, in the event that Frontier claims you got the "screamingly fast" 3 MBps rather than the "Light" service, which I must tell you is 14x faster than your best dial-up speeds. And back in the days of dial-up, I never once achieved a connection of 56kbps from *any* service provider. The absolute best it ever got in any location via any dial-up service was 44kbps, which (at the time) I considered a miracle of sorts. More typically, speeds ranged from 33kbps to 36kbps. And of course with dial-up, there is always the joyful experience of the dirty, noisy phone lines causing one's connection to drop with a fair amount of frequency. Thus I learned very quickly to copy text in an email message prior to clicking Send, as this was most typically when the connection would drop and result in data loss.

    Actually, I found that logging in, copying text from a message that required a response, pasting the body of the message into a Text Editor, saving the text file, logging out of the connection and typing my reply to the message into the same document, saving again, then dialing up and logging in again with a copy of my response on the Clipboard ready to be pasted was the Best Practice when using any dial-up service. And this can also be the case with some DSL services, as well... if it bites you once, use the Text Editor method, as it almost certainly will clobber your data again.

  • El
      17th of May, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Here is an article on the internet called, "New York Attorney General Smacks Frontier: ‘Early Termination Fee’ Controversy Could Net Hundreds in Refunds"
    "The New York State Attorney General has slapped Frontier Communications with a $35, 000 fine and ordered the phone company to refund up to $50, 000 it wrongfully charged consumers in so-called “early termination fees” for telephone and broadband service — fees consumers were never properly informed about at the time they ordered service." If you want to read the rest of it just google the title above.

    Yup, Frontier is one screwed up phone company. They continue to put long distance charges on our phone bill at almost $3.00 a minute ( my long distance company charges less than .05 cents a minute.) I never switched long distance carriers, but they decided to send my billing to this company, after two months of bickering with them I finally told them that I was going to file a complaint with the FTC (Federal trade commision) then they took it off my bill. ...Then this months bill came and now they put a $2.00 fee on it for sending me a bill!!!
    Well, I went down to Walmart and they have cell phones for $30 a month with internet included (no contract). Also an unlimited plan for $45. I am already paying about $50 a month plus my long distance bill... Well, it looks like I will just buy one of those plans instead of putting up with this on going hassle. Frontier is the worst company I have ever dealth with!!!
    I have heard that other people in Crandon and Rhinelander, Wisconsin are haveing problems with with as well.

  • To
      31st of Aug, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I don't trusted frontier. They are sneaky as comcast with hidden fees and scams. I got rid of comcast along time ago and I think. I found me another twin brother of comcast. I like verizon. Also, verizon sold us out. Now, frontier got their dirty hands on us. Their internet sucks bad with blocks.

  • Ba
      4th of Oct, 2010
    0 Votes

    Frontier is a rip off company. They recently bought out Verizon in my area. I was signed up with Verizon for phone & DSL. Before the buyout I canceled my services with Verizon. I got and paid a final bill from Verizon. Then a month month and a half later Frontier bought them out. Then 3-4 months after the buyout I get a bill from Frontier for DSL. I called them to explain that I canceled with Verizon only to argue with 3 different reps/supervisors. The scariest part of my ordeal is the last lady thought this was funny and laughed at me over my anger and frustration. I told her this is the first and only bill from Frontier and thus my call on it. She said "Well then who was been paying you bill then? Its been paid until the last one. If you havent been paying it then you should owe a lot more then, right? **laughs**"

    I lost it then.

    I have since filed against them with the Better Business Bureau. I have also contacted the regional President who started an "executive complaint". I havent talked to the "billing specialist" yet but intend to tonight to get it squarred away. I refuse to pay their $14.99 + tax fleecing bill. I have never done business with Frontier and now I never will. Its a $14.99 mischarge. Eat it Frontier and move on. I will cost you more than $14.99 in time!

  • Ho
      5th of Oct, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Ordered a WI FI router. Upon receipt wouldn't work in spite of highly qualified installer.

  • Tr
      5th of Oct, 2010
    0 Votes

    I am in Waterville, NY and sadly no service available other than Fronter DSL for internet. I opted for the 3 MBPS Plan at $59.89 per month (Modem rental fee wtf?) I suffered through frequent disconnects for a long time and several calls to support - waiting in excess of 30 minutes to get a human answer. Finally it appeared my problem with disconnects had been solved. I was busy over the summer months with other things that I didnt notice, until just now in October, that my speed is JUST 1 MBPS and I've been paying the full 3 MBPS plan price. When I called to complain their excuse was that I am 22, 000 feet from the office, and they reduced my speed to fix the frequent disconnect issues.

    Why was I not told of this lowered speed? AND... More importantly why am I still paying the full nearly $60 per month! I am outraged! Not to mention that even this 1 MBPS barely nets me 20k download speeds and as a web designer, my upload speeds are slowing than molasses, 3 minutes to upload a 50k jpeg. I pay $60 a month for this?

  • Nd
      6th of Oct, 2010
    0 Votes

    Ive since moved to Balaton and with in the first month my 3mbps connection was no more than 2mbps.
    If you go to your modem by then go to gateway health then statistics. Scroll all the way down to LOGGING right below that there is a link called System. in the mess you'll see this, |Link up 1 US 448 DS 3712 (FAST:G.dmt). Now US aka upload speed 448 and then DS download speed 3712. these are the speeds at which they allocate you. You restart your modem, they send these numbers to your modem. Well guess what any lower then "DS 3712" and you'll never get 3mbps, ever!!! Never ever ever!! FRAUD???
    You have to call tech support, they will send a tech to your house that wont know a damn thing he'll have you do a bandwidth test, but alas the numbers are here|Link up 1 US 448 DS 3712 (FAST:G.dmt) . You have to tell that tech to fix your bandwidth allocation. they do this at their hub or server in town. Don't back down and let them tell you your wires are old. there admin will be the one that will fix your modem sync.
    My neighbor was also being ripped off. Fix your neighbors too.

    Hurry up with the fiber midco!!

  • Fa
      21st of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    I worked as regional manager for company that contracted with frontier for d2d (door to door direct sales) and worked in Illinois training salespeople till frontier told us we couldn't write what cost before tax was on contract. They raised modem prices to $4.99 a month but I recommend reading back of contract where it still says $3.99. I left job because they lied to us to get people to sign up then change pricing. Always make sure you get everything in writing because by law, they have to honor it. I would also recommend filing a complaint with Attorney General office.

  • Cr
      17th of May, 2011
    0 Votes

    I am in a simular situation. I apparently owe $204 for their service that I never had. For that matter, could not have even used at the time because I had no land line or a computer!

  • Au
      22nd of May, 2011
    0 Votes

    I have a similar complaint on Frontier's fraudulent billing practices. They continue to bill me on a service I cancelled over a year ago, although they were sending me no bills.

  • Do
      29th of Sep, 2011
    0 Votes

    i signed up for a tv promotion it was suppose to be a sony instead i got a dynex 3 months later i get told i'm a lier in normal bussiness customers are right but to frontier we are all ###s

  • Zx
      17th of Oct, 2011
    0 Votes

    I sign up for internet and phone bundle deal and i was told i would be charge at my bundle rate.They said my first months bill would be more for my 1month and a half of service and then my second bill will be for my regular bundle price.Well my second bill came and it was about another $40 more than my regular bundle price.They told me that they did not charge me for the internet on my first bill, so they added to my second bill.Said it was not pro- rated.Even though i paid my month in a half at my bundle rate.They just keep saying no.Well while they are saying no, the paper work the paper work when i sign up with them said it is suppose to go to my bundle rate on my second bill.So what type of scam are they trying to pull.?

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