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Frontier Airlines / Checking in Baggage - UNFAIR

1 Tuscon, United States

I lost my bank card in Mexico & realized it when booking a flight home. My mom didn't get paid until the next day so she reserved a ticket for me -- that was a releaf.

So - I traveled on the bus for 6 hours to get to the airport. Come to find out that my hold was canceled - so - my mom paid for the ticket this time - but; the flight left 8 hours later then the original flight left.

At about 10:07 I walked over to the counter - but; to the side where I can just check my baggage. There was 1 person at the counter - when I walked up there he was talking to a military guy and gave him free baggage check and let him check his baggage early ( he's on the same flight as me. )

So at 10:15 -- It my turn to go up there and he wouldn't even let me check my 1 bag in.. not until 10:39 he said.. I said.. but; I been here since 3am.. and I'm hungry & dont want to go into the restaurant with the HUGE bag.. and he said: me too, I'm hungry.. but; I can't help you.. and I said.. there is no way to override it? He replayed: no sir, I cannot.

but; that's exactly what he just did for the other guy. He even said: sorry this is taking long - I just have to override this..

How do I know this military guy is on the same flight as me? because he's going to Denver leaving from gate A3 and I checked the screens of departure and arrivals & my flight is the next one to Denver.

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