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Frontier Airlines / Stretch Seating vs. Classic Plus

1 United States

Issue at Hand. While at hotel with 15 minutes allotted on computer we got online to print boarding passes. Half my family flew out early on a 1-connection flight and the other half of family flew out 3 days later. Somehow one half of the family somehow booked Classic Plus seats for the first leg and sat in STRETCH Seating. They enjoyed Row 3 extra space and perks of snack, free TV and free baggage for BOTH legs of the trip there even though the 2nd leg was booked at the ECONOMY rate.

So... when it came time to QUICKLY printing boarding passes we were offered an "Upgrade to Stretch Seating" and my husband WRONGLY assumed he was upgrading to Classic Plus. 5 tickets were upgraded at $25 per flight and we all got seats in rows 2 & 3 for the trip. When it came to listing our baggage we realized that there may be a mistake because they were asking for our credit card again. So... we stopped the process of printing boarding passes and called customer service. It took over 15 minutes and Customer Service didn't answer and we had dinner reservations. Came back later and waited another 15 minutes for Customer Service to see if we could cancel the stretch seating due to our misunderstanding and go BACK to Row 20 that was still available. No. Can't do that. Talked to the supervisor who was quite understanding about how easy it is to ASSUME wrongly while on the website and she stated she would leave a note on our Confirmation information showing that we TRIED to change it back. She acknowledge that Row 20 (5 seats) was still available but could not make the change for us.
We checked in early morning and asked about our options and clerk told us we had no options, he doesn't work with any of the financial stuff other than to CHARGE us for the baggage we were submitting.

We have NO complaints about our flight. The plane was on time, flight attendants were pleasant, etc. Although we did have a non-working front bathroom and had to go to the rear of the plane for one leg of our trip (this normally wouldn't tick me off but we just spent $250 for something we wished we wouldn't have and despite spending ~45 minutes of our vacation time trying to haggle about it).

The day after our trip I called Customer Relations thinking they MIGHT just refund our baggage since we tried very hard to get out of the whole deal. Granted, we had already rode in our STRETCH seats and this kept out revenue that would have come from a customer who was quite willing to pay the $ for stretch seating. But despite our attempts to communicate, back out of stretch seating and the window-of-opportunity in knowing our seats were still available initially - we were UNABLE to rectify our stupid (in hindsight) mistake. Customer Service can SEE your dilemma but apparently cannot do a thing to help you out.

Other airlines have an upgrade available at the time of checking on boarding passes to Business Class for a smaller fee than it would have been to make Business Class reservations to begin with. We admit, we ASSUMED this was the case with Frontier. We also admit that we didn't read through all the information due to our rush to complete the boarding passes in 15 minutes. Our complaint... our BEEF... is that we didn't have even 20 minutes to rectify our mistake when we realized it. There was no recourse whatsoever DESPITE availability of our seats.

I am very disappointed in a business that takes advantage of less seasoned travelers tweak out extra fees. The website could have done a better job at leading us through the upgrade and, also, allowing charges to be reversed and changes made if done in a timely manner ... hours before the flight departs.


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