Frigidaire / two year old freezer door has almost rusted off

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I purchased a Frigidaire Frost Free Chest Freezer from Lowe's in Charleston, WV. After two years of service the frigidaire chest freezer started to leak into our kitchen floor. I called Lowe's and they said that they would replace the leaking freezer. Lowe's did bring to us another Frigidaire Frost Free Chest Freezer and after two years of service the complete top of the freezer has totally almost rusted through.

I called and a voice mail told me to send an email. I sent an email to Frigidaire and the Frigidaire company sympathized with my current problem of a completely rusted top door. However, they did not offer to take back the defective freezer or to do anything about the rusting freezer. My wife and I have had two new Frigidaire Frost Free Chest Freezers from Frigidaire in the last four years and Frigidaire has offered to do nothing.

I feel that Frigidaire is taking short cuts in the manufacturing of their products at the expense of their customers. I told Frigidaire that If they do not take care of my rusted freezer that I will not purchase another Frigidaire product nor will I encourage my family members, children, co-workers or anyone else to purchase any thing from Frigidaire which oviously has no quality control checks and is using inferior parts in producing their products. Frigidaire should be ashamed to sell defective products to the general public and then not to stand behind their products.

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      27th of Jul, 2012

    Just had a chest freezer installed approximately 6 weeks ago. Happened to lean on the freezer door ("lid") trying reach the cabinet door above it, and the darn thing caved in. Dented like tin foil!! Called customer service and asked if the freezer is guaranteed against damage like that, and was told it is not, since it is a cosmetic issue. The new replacement door would cost $174 plus slight shipping charge, which they would be happy to waive. I couldn't believe what I was hearing! I bought the unit brand new for $210. It is beyond ridiculous! How can they even consider putting such cheap, obviously poor-quality, material into their products and not think it would not affect the integrity of their products??? They must not cared about customer satisfaction and product loyalty when they made this decision.

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