Frigidaire / Electrolux / refrigerator model # fghb2866pf, serial # 4a55004725

This fridge was installed on 1/19/2016., Icemaker broke under warranty January 2017. Repaired by Guaranteed Appliance Services . And here we are November of 2017 icemaker is broken again! I'm not sure how your company can sell such an expensive product that breaks so many times in such a short period of time. It is my opinion, and I'm certain numerous others that this refrigerator has a manufacturing defect and should be recalled. I paid for a refrigerator with an icemaker and all I have is one that won't make ice but does manage to keep and even flow of water all over my kitchen floor, because it's melting out of the dispenser . Does your company not see a problem here ? I owned my previous appliances for over 14 years without one single issue with any of them. It is evident to me Frigidaire takes no pride in the performance or workmanship of their products. I will never purchase any product from your company or affiliate of your company again. I am requesting the full purchase price of $2, 215.00 be refunded to me asap. Theresa Kec ( email [protected] phone 330.887.1852

Nov 18, 2017

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