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Dear Frigidaire:

I am not really sure of the business sense of your company. We bought a refrigerator last September. Large one side by side, freezer on the bottom. It is beautiful. However, it nearly immediately started having trouble with the ice maker. It has been a continuous problem. We even bought he extended warranty because we knew it would never be fixed and it isn't. Anyway my point is that you could have easily replaced the refrigerator for less than what you have paid in labor and parts. The door was replaced, two ice makers, two flappers and I am not even sure what else. Next week will make repair visit number 12 in 14 months. I admit I am not a math major but I do know the $100 per visit for repair is already more than we paid for the refrigerator, not counting the parts. We have asked for the unit to be replaced as it is certainly a "lemon" which I understand happens some times. The fact that instead of replacing this you keep attempting to fix it makes me truly question your business practices. You are losing money! Plus we have to take off work literally a dozen times to be here. Not Good!


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      Nov 15, 2017

    Hi Lisa.

    I have some background in the appliance industry and think I may help with some of your issues.

    To begin with, some additional information would be helpful. Which retailer did you purchase the refrigerator through? With whom was the extended warranty through?

    There are different forms of warranty coverage. Frigidaire, as most manufactures do, provides a one year limited warranty with their merchandise. When a service center completes a work order, they generally provide a service warranty for their work, along with parts they've provided. Finally there is the extended warranty which can be provided by the manufacturer, retailer on some separate third party.

    The problem, I'd guess, is that you have some overlapping on whom is covering what. Would it make sense if one entity kept paying out for the same issue? No. But if we're talking about different entities, or even different issues, then there is your explanation.

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