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I purchased a Frigidaire refrigerator (model LFTR2032TF) that has required multiple repair calls on the new appliance.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Charlotte, NC The same problem, where the bottom refrigerator part stops cooling, keeps occurring. The temperature is about 60 degrees or higher. Various new parts have been installed in the appliance with the repair lasting less than a month. I need a working refrigerator.

Aug 07, 2018
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      Feb 01, 2019

    I feel your Pain See Below what I have been through with Frigidaire

    Rita, ( Believe you are the one intercepting Mr. Shaw's Emails)
    Can you at least forward the attached Pictures over to Mcglaughlins Service, Hoping that maybe someone for Mcglaughlins is smart enough to determine a suspected part that could resolve this issue. As I mentioned
    several times I have missed 4 days of work and now what looks to be another 2 Days. Feb. 12th PM would be a Good Day because I am already off for a Doctors appointment in the am.

    On Friday, February 1, 2019, 9:59:43 AM EST, RT> wrote:

    Mr. Shaw,
    My Name is _________ and been having a issue with a Frigidaire product since late November Early December as you can see from some of my correspondences below. I just received a call and the below response back from Customer care. I have already had to take 4 days off from work. And the next steps Frigidaire could cost me another 2 days from work. I sent Picture so that your tech support could looks at,
    Reading some online reviews this is a common issue. Your tech support should be able to guesstimate what parts could cause the issue and make sure the service tech has with him and or send me the parts to replace. If the service tech has possible cause parts with him this could save me a day from taking off work. If your Factory Tech Support cannot distinguish probable cause and parts to try by the picture so Service tech
    can have with him on next visit I strongly urge that Frigidaire send a replacement compatible model Refrigerator from one of the Local Home Appliance stores in my area. (Lowes) I have had several Email correspondence with Social Care, Tech Support, Valerie Money and someone today on behalf of Valerie. (Didn't write her name down)

    Your help and consideration in this matter will be greatly appreciated.



    On Friday, February 1, 2019, 8:35:27 AM EST, wrote:


    Your pictures have been reviewed and it’s determined that water is leaking into your icemaker container. This will require having one of our authorized service providers diagnose further. I have sent your file over to our Service Locator Department so that they can locate a servicer for you. They will be in contact with you within the next 24-48 business hours.


    Original Text
    From: RT
    To: [protected] ;alan.[protected]
    CC: RT
    Sent: 01/31/19 11:06:56
    Subject: LFTR2032TF1 Refrigerator Repair

    My last correspondence I sent on Jan 29th with Pictures of how the Ice Maker was making ice and again I resent on the 30th because your reply from the email on the 29th mentioned nothing
    about the Pictures I sent and next steps ? I have re attached the Pictures please forward to your Tech support on a cause and repair solution. Also Could you forward this to Valerie Money.
    She had left me a Voice Mail to ask how the Repair went on January 28th as you can see from the Pictures something is still not right. I had mentioned this to the technician at two of his visits.

    Jan 29th Email with Pictures Attached (No Comment from Frigidaire)
    Received a voice message asking about the repair. (Valerie Money)They replaced the Fan. Too early to tell 100% if the repair was successful.
    The fan was replaced yesterday. This is the second fan replace since early December. See attached pictures on how it’s making ice. Brought this up to technician twice this was also issue.
    This is not how it should be making ice.

    Jan 15th Email
    Bought Last Spring. Broke down Late November early December. Took over 8 Days to have repaired . Broke down again Christmas Eve again. Over 23 Days and still not repaired. Think it’s time Frigidaire step up to the plate and replace refrigerator. Don’t recommend anyone to purchase Frigidaire Products. Days lost at work exceeded what I paid for refrigerator and still need to lose more time from work because it’s still broken. Frigidaire should at least extend the Warranty on this product at no cost instead of sending me notices to purchase extended warranties. Not a happy customer. Very inconvenient not having a refrigerator over 2 months.

    Jan 19th Email
    Update on Poor Customer Service / Relations: Since Late November Early December I have been with out a refrigerator for Over 33 Days. First Repair it took over 8 days to repair. A week or so later it broke again and took 20 Days for a Service Tech to show up and Look at. Parts needed to be ordered, 6 days before service center received part but its going to take another 12 days before they can send someone out to replace part. Frigidaire need's to step up to plate and make things right and replace the refrigerator and have delivered from a local appliance store which could have me up and running in a day. All They have to offer is extend the warranty for 6 months maybe a $20 Value. I missed 3 days work plus will need to miss another day in 12 days again. I would not even rate Frigidaire a star but you have to put something their in order to submit a review. Looking at their extended warranties 3 year full coverage extended warranty is listed at $103.00 and all they offer me is 6 months for the loss in pay for having to take off and inconvenience of being with out a refrigerator for so long. Don't recommend anyone to do Business with Frigidaire.

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