Frigidaire / Electroluxmodel # fghs2655pf side-by-side refrigerator

bought a new Frigidaire refrigerator from a company that went out of business a few months later (hh Gregg). Within 6 months, we experienced multiple problems (doors would not stay shut, shelves breaking loose from brackets, icemaker malfunctioning). Called Frigidaire just prior to manufacturer warranty expiration; they scheduled a service call from a local repair shop. I stayed home from work to meet them, but they did not show up. It took over 2 weeks for them to find a different local repair shop. Missed work again to meet them; they couldn't fix it without replacement parts. 3rd service call (more missed work), discovered Frigidaire sent defective repair parts! 4th service call (more missed work), they finally gave up and said the appliance was a manufacturer defect and unrepairable. By this time, the manufacturer warranty had expired, so Frigidaire/Electrolux refused to cover the replacement cost! Same problem it took them weeks to conclude was not repairable. Their incompetence led to the delays past the warranty period. Finally offered to give me a replacement unit if I agreed to pay a $325 shipping and handling charge! Even I agreed to that, they would not guarantee that the new unit would be free of defects. Said I would have to rely on their standard limited warranty for repairs to the second unit. I refused and demanded a full refund, but they wouldn't budge. They even refused to pay the bill for the multiple service calls to try and repair the first piece of junk, until I threatened legal action. Their customer service was beyond terrible. They lied repeatedly and could not communicate within their own company. They did not care about me or my concerns. I will NEVER buy another product from that unethical company!

Nov 21, 2018

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