Frigidaire / Electrolux / ice maker on my refrigerator model lfhb2751tf0 / serial # 4a71623414

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After being displaced for 13 months after a tornado directly hit my home in May 2016 [2 months after my husband passed away], I moved back into my home July 1, 2017. A few weeks later, I purchased a Frigidaire refrigerator [see above] from Lowes. At the end of September, 2017 the icemaker no longer worked. As I live alone / no children, the icemaker was not used much and I am extremely careful with my appliances. It is extremely disconcerting that the icemaker no longer works despite careful use over just 2 months. Per the instructions, I contacted the Frigidaire / Electrolux help number [800.944.9044].

Following the prompts, I indicated that it was an issue with my refrigerator that was less than 1 yr old and was given the phone of a registered repair service. I contacted the repair service and the company, Neighborly Appliance Repair [877.767.3589] refused to take my call, insisting I didn't know what I was doing and that I had to speak with a Firigidairre representative. I called the number back / spoke with the representative and was finally registered. Then I was told to call Neighborly Appliance Repair again. When I called Neighborly Appliance Repair they rudely indicated that they could not find my name, and that I needed to contact Frigidaire again, until they finally found my claim. To set up this appointment, I spent 3 hours on the phone.

On Friday 10/13/17, taking a day off from work, a technician from Neighborly Appliance Repair came and indicated within 3 minutes, that a part had to be replaced, and that he has had to replace that part in multiple units. I asked the technician if he had the part with him, and he said no--the owner would not allow him to have the part on the truck. I asked how long it would take to change out the part and he said about 30 minutes. I was then told I would then have to set up a 2nd appointment with Neighborly Appliance Repair for the technician to come out to replace the defective part.

Since I had taken the day off from work, I called Neighborly Appliance Repair and asked if the technician could come back and replace the part while I was home from work. Neighborly Appliance Repair said he was not authorized by Frigidaire to come back on the same day; Frigidaire requires that the technician has to come back on a separate day for the repair. I told Neighborly Appliance Repair that means I have to take 2 days off from work for something that required a total of 30 minutes to repair my brand new refrigerator [which shouldn't have this problem in the first place]. I indicated that this was totally unreasonable and insensitive to working people. Neighborly Appliance Repair showed absolutely no consideration, having a very rude attitude. The technician also said that he also thought it was rediculous and was very close to quitting the company as the owner was difficult to work for.

I asked Frigidaire about the 2 appointment rule [one appointment for diagnosis and the 2nd appointment to fix the problem]. The Frigidaire representative said they wanted 2 different appointments, however, Frigidaire did not indicate that the appointment had to be on 2 separate days--Neighborly Appliance Repair could have returned on the same day to repair the icemaker. I indicated to the Frigidaire representative that the "2 appointment rule" is lucricrous--when I call a plumber or take in my car I never have 2 appointments to fix the problem. This process has been unnecessarily difficult and time consuming. It is clear that customer care and convenience is not a priority to Frigidaire.

Having no other choice after the first visit, I had Frigidaire set up a 2nd appointment-- which Neighborly Appliance Repair cancelled the day of the appointment after I took the day off from work to let in the technician. Frigidaire [not Neighborly Appliance Repair] called me to cancel the appointment; they said that Neighborly Appliance Repair decided not to come out to the house as Neighborly Appliance Repair said that I was rude.

On Tuesday, 10/17/17, the Frigidaire representative then set up an appointment for today [Saturday 10/21/17]between 8AM and noon for Central Air & Appliance [979.218.1258] to come and diagnosis the problem. Frigidaire set it up on Saturday so I would not need to miss any more work. This means, A MONTH LATER after my first call to Frigidaire for an icemaker that is not working in a brand new refrigerator, I am starting the process all over again. I cancelled errands I needed to run to stay home for this repair service. At this point, I have lost almost 3 days in phone calls to Frigidaire and time off from work.

At 11 AM, since I had not heard anything from Central Air & Appliance, I called the number given to me by the Frigidaire representative. The phone number was a cell number for "Hector" who texted, "No we have no opening at the moment. We did not accept the service call. Besides, Navasota, is out of our coverage area. Please call them back to set up appointment...It must have been a mistake. I never talked to Frigidaire about this call. I saw it on my calls to accept but we never accepted it. Call Frigidaire and let them know Navasota is not our regular service area"

Frigidaire does not accept calls on the weekend. This means I will need to take time at work to contact Frigidaire AGAIN to start the process. Based on my experience thus far, by the time I get my icemaker fixed, I will lose a weeks vacation, spent 16 hours on the phone and not have use of my icemaker for 2 of the 4 months that I will have the unit.

This is totally unacceptable. I will never purchase another Frigidaire appliance and am telling everyone I know about this horrible "customer service" experience.

Oct 21, 2017
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  • Sh
      Oct 21, 2017

    I'm involved with the appliance industry and can tell you the two visit "rule" isn't unique to any one company. First, the rule isn't an absolute rule, but more of a very common procedure. The issue revolves around part availability. Unlike your comparison to plumbing, an appliance technician has to diagnose the problem and then get the part(s) to replace. More times than not, these parts are not "on hand."

    Think about how many parts are in any given appliance. Multiply that by the number of appliances produced by any one company in just a single year. Then multiply that by at least a dozen companies. Finally multiply that by any the number of years a service company might be expected to service. I think it might become very apparent why a given part may not be on hand.

    What can become even more frustrating is whether a tech can easily diagnose the problem. Many times a diagnostic procedure may suggest an issue with many possible solutions. If the first replacement doesn't resolve an issue, other parts and service calls may be required. When a customer is understandably frustrated, but takes the frustration out on a service center, the net result can be that the service center just chooses to not do business with the customer. Unfortunately you may be in a bad position of seeing if you can pay another service center to come outside of their area to help you.

    It might be worth contacting the retailer and see what the night be able to help with. Many retailers offer extended service programs which may prove to be helpful.

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  • Ro
      Nov 05, 2017

    My husband and I just had a similar experience with Frigidaire after our stainless steal microwave burned out after only 2 months. They jerked us around, made us write a statement that we had to send certified and then refused to reimburse us even though we sent a copy of the receipt with our name on it that Lowes had given us. This, started right before Hurricane Irma and they made us jump through hoops as we were recovering from losing part of our home in the storm. Still they denied us and wouldn't reimburse us. We also WILL NEVER BUY A FRIGIDAIRE PRDUCT AGAIN! Terrible Company!

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