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I looked to see who else is having the trouble I have been having with this dishwasher, and I do see one person wrote in and I thought it was me that was writing it. This dishwasher leaves soap all over the bottom inside the dishes still have food on them it does not drain well and now today only 2 years to the date I had a repair man in here to tell me that something broke and he fixed it. What we pay for things is bad enough but to have to fix something after 2 years with hardly any use is a joke. I think the company knows the product is trash and the right thing to do is to listen to the consumer because they can knock a company right out. They will not go broke by fixing things for people they will only look better and have more people wanting the product they are selling but as for me I hardly used the dishwasher I am alone and hardly eat in???? Then why did it break because it is cheaply made and a piece of garbage. I will throw this machine out if it breaks down again. If something is wrong write and let everyone know. We work hard for our money stop robbing people with your cheaply made products. Even if we did not pay a lot more for them they should hold up!!!


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      Jan 11, 2010

    I agree with everyone that fridgidaire is a poorly made product, we built a new house in 07, bought our appliances thru Rex TV, upon arrival the box for frdge great shape but fridge inself had big dent in side close to compressor, sounded like R2D2 from Starwars.
    It took 6months to replace unit only to be depressed again as unit would not properly function, told by repair company it needed a new control pad. Great I thought this would solve problem, now unit cannot be turned off because new control unit already failed again, plus freezer condences water down back of unit onto evaporator fan, I have to take apart and remove ice from fan, I am getting frustrated with fridgidaires junk.
    Now lets talk about gas range, again a bad control pad, go to use oven, set temp, preheat, open door and presto oven shuts off. Not good when your in charge of T-Day dinner and don't realize ovens not on anymore. If I have to call them back again I will have dolly ready to push junk right out door. DONT BUY THERE JUNK!!!

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