Friendly's Ice Creammanagement

During my visit at Friendlys i witnessed the worse management possible. i'm not sure if this was the assistant manager or restaurant manager but either way, he did a terrible job. He sat a table for 30 minutes talking to a few waitresses, which i found very unprofessional. Not only was he chatting it up with the waitresses, he had one waiter running around doing everything and yelled at him for going too slow but I believe he was doing a great job and had great customer service even with the amount of pressure that was on him. It wasn't busy at the time so you'd think the food would be out quicker and if you as a manager or a fellow waiter see food lying on the counter top wouldn't you go find out who's food it is and bring it to them, saying sorry for the wait, they are supposed to be coworkers and if you see a fellow waiter struggling help them out instead of bad mouthing the work he's doing to the manager. My mother had to complain to the manager who just stared at her and then went into the kitchen to tell the waiters what she had said to him, another red flag. This is completely unacceptable and I will not be eating in this establishment anymore. Thank you for your time.

Apr 12, 2018

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