Friendly's Ice Cream / friendly's coconut ice cream

Good afternoon!

I purchase Friendly's ice cream, especially the upscale caramel and vanilla. That and the orange sherbet and vanilla are my favorites.
Yesterday I purchased your Coconut Ice Cream and had some last night.
I'm sorry, but it was horrible. There was not one piece of coconut in that ice cream!!
I could have eaten vanilla and not know any difference.
I loveee a coconut and pineapple ice cream and on rare occasion will spend the extra money for that flavor by Hagen Daus. I thought I could purchase some pineapple and add it to your coconut ice cream. Not going to spend that extra money because of the quality of the coconut ice cream.
If I may, I would like to make a suggestion for a new flavor. If you mix pineapple and mandarin oranges, it is wonderful. I like to come up with new flavors and this is one that I think would be a good seller. Real ingredients only, please!!!
I will spend the extra money if it is a good quality product.
If you could mix coconut and pineapple or pineapple and mandarin oranges, I will be a happy customer!!
Thank you for your time,
Angela Gibson

May 29, 2018

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