Friendly'soverpriced meal/ embarrassment

This is the fourth time that this particular friendly's had poor service. I kept going back only because it happens to be the closest to my house. I will never visit Friendly's again. I took my grandmother along with my boyfriend to get ice cream only here. The waitress was very unpleasant and talked to us as if we were a bother when we only ordered ice cream. When we finally received our ice cream after hearing them call the order up 5 minutes before we actually received it.. the ice cream was melted on my grandma's to the point where all of it looked like a milkshake. Her wipped cream was deflated and gross. I told her to send it back, naturally and she asked the waitress who came back with an attitude and came back not even a minute later with the same ice cream! They poured the soup like ice cream out of the dish and handed it back, still melted. Disgusted by this we ask the waitress back but she ignores us and we continued by asking another waitress. Finally the third time the ice cream was as it should have been the first time. I then asked for one more scoop of vanilla soft served.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Fall River, MA with strawberry syrup topping and specifically asked for it to come in a bowl over and over again until I made sure she understood; instead of a dish so that the syrup would not spill out. I listened to see if my dish was pronounced ready, and I heard our waitress ask in a crude tone "is the vanilla soft served up yet?" "FINALLY"!. When my ice cream came out I had a two scooped soft served in a dish, and not in a bowl like I had asked. The waitress was horrible and we were sent our bill, not by her but from the manager. We received the wrong bill and we knew that, so we had the manager check us out. The manager tried over and over to prove us wrong and it was so embarrassing. We knew that the bill was too high. She kept telling us we were wrong until she pulled the waitress over to go back into the machine to look at all the slips. The manager said she was sorry, but sorry doesn't cut it when you try to prove the costumer wrong. The manager then said "oh yes this is the right bill because I redid the ice cream when you sent it back"! That was the most messed up part of the whole experience at Friendly's. The own manager spilt out the melted ice cream and sent it back to my grandma, never REdid the ice cream!

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