Freelotto / fast subscription that I never wanted

United States, Canada
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Hi I am filing a complaint because I never wanted the "fast service" and yet it's somehow registered me with the fast service now there's been a paymt of 14.99 taken out of my bank acct again and I need that money for the rest of the pymt that will. Be comin out of my acct which is why I never wanted the fast subscription in the first place so I'm jus wanting a full refund as I haven't used the fast service and I barely play free lotto anymore for free let alone paying for a subscription I never wanted so if need be I will cancel my whole free lotto subscription to keep this from happening again so who do I speak with to get my acct credited back with the amount that was taken out? And how can I prevent this from happening again as it cause a lot of grief for such a small unauthorized amount is there someone I can speak with about this matter to get my refund?

Jan 19, 2017

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