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I have submitted my loss mitigation package 3 times in connection with loan number [protected]. I have been trying to work with Freedom Mortgage to sign over my home since the Spring of 2016. I listed my home for sale in February of 2016 to avoid missing payments. I continue to maintain the home although it is vacant. Each time I call [protected], I speak to a different person. Sometimes they can find my file, sometimes not. I am frequently told I have not sent in documents that I have sent in. I am asked to send documents that do not exist, such as HUD-1 statements. Although I sent the package in on time in June of 2016, I was told the time period had lapsed. (Appanently the single point of contact "Patrick" quit and no one took over my file). You have sued me for forclosure despite my numerous attempts to act in good faith amd work with you.

Although I have made numerous calls, the dates and persons I spoke to that I wrote down include:

6/14/16 - Russel
6/20/16 - Laginia
8/22/16 - Cody
9/6/16 - Patty
11/2/16 - Regina
11/7/16 - Jay
11/7/16 - Panise
11/15/17 - Italo
11/16/16 - unknown and disconnected
11/16/16 - Angela

Nov 19, 2016
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  • Mp
      Aug 01, 2018

    I was also CURSED with my mortgage being assumed by Freedom Mortgage. I have NEVER in my life dealt with a more INCOMPETENT LENDER! Seriously! They don't pay my taxes for months to the point where I'm getting letters from my county tax office that they are going to sheriff sale my property for back taxes! My taxes are escrowed and as such Freedom Mortgage was to pay them. I have records (fortunately) that I sent them to Freedom Mortgage MONTHS prior to them being due and they STILL didn't pay them. Now I try to setup bi-weekly payments, even pay one month in advance to get on track for this and what do these idiots do? Bill me yet again for an ADDITIONAL "regular" payment on the first when we clearly setup payments every two weeks starting on the 10th of the month! And... Get this, to get my payment back that THEY took by mistake, I have to send them my bank statement to PROVE to them that they took it!! Really?? I said, "well you can clearly see on your end that you took it and I'm looking at my bank statement showing that you took it so why would you need to see my bank statement? These people have no business or need to see my banking statement! Seriously, I'm looking for a class action suit to be filed against these guys for mishandling peoples mortgages.. It would be a very easy case to prove I'm sure. I'm a pretty easy going person but let me tell you, these people are COMPLETE IDIOTS! I WOULD wish them on my worst enemy for sure, they are that much of a NIGHTMARE!! I'm thinking I may be speaking with an attorney and getting a new mortgage company!

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  • Ur
      Aug 27, 2018

    I have been going through similar situation as the two folks above. Since Hurricane Harvey, we called and was granted a forbearance on our loan and then it was extended for us. We just completely finished the repairs on our home in August 2018 (almost complete year after our home was flooded with 4 feet of water). And I sent our initial package in November 2017, since then I have had to send it in 2 more times, along with countless time of sending in the same documents over and over again. This last time, I have been contacted 3 times about the 4506-t form. I needed to change the dates on it, change the box that was checked, and now I've been asked to add Freedom Mortgage address and telephone number to line 5. This process has been super long and I feel as though they don't want to help us get the loan modification in place so we can resume payments on our loan.

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