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I have kidney failure and could not continue to work. I more than qualify for for a hardship loan modification but they keep denying it.


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      Feb 24, 2010

    When my fiance' was off going to be off work for 6 months for spinal surgery, we contacted Freedom mortgage since we knew we would be having problems making the mortgage payment. 2 years later, a loan modification finally went through. On the original papers, our payment was to be reduced to $1100, from $1400. The, our first statement showed a payment of $1300. This was due to a new escrow payment of $204 a month, which included mortgage insurace for $1000 a year. We have found insurance for as low as $247 per year. Now, after making the 1st payment of $1300, we have been informed that our escrow is negative and to bring it up our payment will now be $1450 per month. What?? This is a modification??? Does anyone know what we can do, since our house is not even worth the $211 K the mortgage is for? Help!!!

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      Mar 09, 2010

    Are you kidding me, 2 years later!! OMG I have been waiting since August of last year for ANY word and every time I call I am either disconnected or I am on hold over 30 minutes just to be told "we havent forgetten about you" well apparently you have because you have the money from the Federal Government, what are you doing with it??? I just dont get it. And to top it off got the 1st letter yesterday about house going in to foreclosure - umm you have my info YOU are taking your time to do loan modification, how can you put in foreclosure?? Only 2 months behind right now. I am just beside myself, I so wish I would have read everyones comments on here about Freedom Mortgage before I signed any paperwork. Lesson learned..

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      Mar 15, 2010

    I have been dealing with a modification with Freedoom Mortgage/ Loancare Services since January 2009 . In August I got them to put me on a forberance for 5 months and didn't hear from them even though I called on a weekly basis. I finally got someone to help me and they said I had to start the process all over again January 29th 2010. I sent all paper work and now they said they could only lower my interest rate to 5.5% give me a 30yr loan and that my monthly mortgage payment would go up. I needed the help since I had a loss of income and can't make my original monthly payment, how will I be able to make a higher payment???? I decided to call the the Obama hope program they were very helpful and they will even get you with a counselor over the phone or they will tell you were the nearest one is to you.

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      Aug 17, 2012

    I received a call from Al Lusk with Freedom Mortgage advising me that I now had the opportunity to take advantage of the lower
    interest rates. Also, that I qualified for a modification or the Homeowners Affordable Act. Also, that an appraisals was not necessary since my value or equity had drastically plumented since the recession. He also informed me that I didn't have to pay any closing cost. I submitted all my information, then was informed by the people in underwriting that I did need an appraisal because the loan was submitted incorrectly. They sent an unusal appraiser out who evidently didn't have much experience due
    to the fact that she had to take pictures of every room and submit them on the appraisal. Her comp's were also inadequate.

    They mislead me for weeks or I should say months with a phone call saying everything was coming along until 3 months later to
    say, it wasn't approved because of the appraisals. I think this is what they do to mislead customers...very disappointed and
    upset about the entire experience. Will have to look for a new morgage company.

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      Sep 16, 2012

    Contact a local TV station to do a story on you.

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