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Here is my complaint to the public service commision on fpl holding my money hostage!


It has come to my attention that Fpl has only refunded 50% of my faulty meter overages. Not only have i found out that FPL knows that according to there electric meter that tells them the usage for the entire street-grid etc... can prove that my meter was faulty for the full term along with others but the tests came back showing my meter was faulty. I have phone records and multiple FPL energy surveys coming to my home telling me nothing was wrong. Even the last surveyor told me nothing was wrong and told me to get the meter tested if i dont believe him. He actually said my bills will probably go up because the older meters tend to be slower than the new meters. They should have told me that 5 years ago when i first had them at my home. I have spent thousands trying to lower my bill since i moved in here based on my usage and i have all receipts and records. I still have not received the required meter accuracy test prior to start of service in 2003 because Ralph Nesbett said it was never completed. My solid billing history along with this report will conclude that i am due a 100% refund and as courtesy some interest. I sent fpl a certified letter over 60 days ago requesting my full refund with no response. I did however receive from Mr.Nesbett a claim that meter tampering was evident with my meter. I want the report showing my meter was accurate at the start of service and i will be happy with the rest of my funds credited to my account. I have recently completed a new home office at my residence with multiple pc's, a/c and refrigerator at the same time the new meter was placed in 2008 and my electric bills are still lower now with the new meter than with the old inaccurate one. I have plans on a new website to try and help find more victims on this type of theft. I need honest help from PSC and i cannot willingly let my hard earned money disappear. This will be my final attempt with PSC and will have no choice but to seek legal assistance if we cannot prevail. I am not looking for a settlement. I want my money back with interest.

Thanks Again,
Daniel Gill

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  • Pr
      Feb 01, 2011

    It has come to my attention also that FPL is ripping off their customers. I have contacted the PSC and am having audits done on the account since day one. They're not happy about it but they have to comply. Honest mistakes are one thing while incompetentcy that makes them money is flat out fraud. From meter readings, faulty meters, overbilling, late fees, payments posting way after the date it was paid (on line and paper billing)
    to acquire late fees is just ridiculous. Check your bills, the kw hours and the meter readout (on a daily basis if you have to) Keep all your bills and get an audit. Believe me they won't match up. They carry over balances to profit from late fees. It's very time consuming and they know it. If you find ONE mistake there are sure to be more.
    Double billing, guesstimates rather than accuracy. It's theft plain and simple. I know they're busy but if it was their money they were losing perhaps they would be more careful or honest.
    The Public Service Commission will get involved.

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  • So
      Aug 11, 2011

    Of all the FPL comments I have ever read on this board, this has to be the absolute stupidest. Seriously? Give one concrete example and maybe someone might take you seriously.

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