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Junction City KS, US
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Fox Sports has had the rights to the Bundesliga games for 1.5 seasons now and each season, in the second half of the season, they suddenly begin airing most of the Bayern games on their extra-pay service Fox Sports 2Go. This year they're worse than last season and they're actually now no longer airing any more Bayern Bundesliga games for the remainder of the season on FS2 and FS1; only their 2Go service that costs an extra $19.99/month or $140/year.
They know full well that this country has a huge Bayern fan base and it's sickening to see them trying to squeeze extra out of Bayern fans each season. On top of that, their Fox Sports 2Go service isn't even compatible with most streaming devices and the ones they are supposedly compatible with, have horrible reviews on their service quality. It's a rip off.
The best way to resolve this is to put the Bayern games back on the FS1 and FS2 channels; missing one game here and there I can tolerate but not 10 or more games in a row; that's ridiculous! If they can't find the time slots on their channels then they shouldn't have gotten the rights to the league in the first place.
At least in the past, when ESPN had Bundesliga rights, they gave the games to you on their online service for FREE which is how it should be when you're already paying for the regular tv channels they're connected with. This is a blatant way to rip off the average Bayern fan out of even more money.

Mar 17, 2017

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