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This was the worst company I have ever dealt with. I placed an order over the phone for a camera that was offered on their web site, so that I could verify that they had it in stock. I paid an extra $10 for 2-day delivery. They called me back to "confirm my order." The confirmation included items that I did not order. I insisted that my order not include any of these items. Then they wanted to send me a Japanese model (no US warranty or English on the touch-screen). or, alternatively, to sell it for $40 more. I stuck to my guns and insisted on the model they sold me for the price they sold it to me. Then they said they couldn't send me the black model but would have to send me the silver model. I said "absolutely not." Then they sent me a confirmation e-mail that had wrong information on it, and I had had it with them. So I called up to cancel, but they said my credit card had already been charged, that there was a 15% restocking fee and other charges if I got a RMA and returned it to them so that it arrived back within 10 days of the date of my order. We discussed this for a long time. While I was on the phone they finally sent me a "confirmation e-mail" that was acceptable to me, so I said go ahead.

HERE'S WHAT HAPPENED: The 2-day delivery was actually a 12-day delivery. I thought they had canceled the order as I had once requested, but no, they billed my credit card and shipped it very late. They shipped me the silver model when I had ordered the black model. According to the acknowledgment they sent, I could not return the camera because I had ordered it 12 days previously even though it had just arrived.

TO SUM UP I was with these guys on the phone for multiple phone calls and more than two hours on the phone. I received multiple wrong e-mails and although I finally got an e-mail that had the correct information on it when I received the package the camera was not the one I had ordered and the packing list matched the camera, not my order.

DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM! They will tell you whatever they want to tell you. You can't rely on it.

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      Oct 17, 2009

    I had a brand new lumix camera for about 6 months or so.
    Took it out of the box and it did not work
    Sent it in for repair under warranty.
    reveive email that it is not covered has liquid damage.
    I call back many times.
    Lady tells me if it did not have it she guarantees after she is finished it will
    Worst F in company I have ever dealt

    Item shipped backed saturated with oil

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