Fossil / repair centre trashed my limited ed watch

Amsterdam, Netherlands
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If you are buying a watch and hope to have it for more than 3 years do not get a fossil also never ever send it to their authorised repair centre!
I collect (Ed) fossil watches. Recently I had 3 requiring maintenance. 2 leather strapped ones and one limited edition swarovski crystal watch I bought a watch in vegas in fashion show mall in 2006. A few months ago I took them to an official fossil store in kalverstraat amsterdam (Eu). The assistant stephane was fabulous. She said the leather straps she'd enquire about and I can keep the watches but the swarovski with 2 stones missing (Out of like 50 stones) - would need to be sent to france to see if they could repair it. I said that's fine, if they can't do it I will take the watch to swarovski to see if they can help but as it's a fossil watch (Of huge sentimental value) , I thought i'd check with fossil first.

I was told it could take a month to get back to me but said that was fine - i'm in amsterdam every month for like 10 days so it's not an issue. Whilst I was away fossil called my office and told the receptionist my watches were sorted though one could not be fixed and they were offering me a replacement watch. I had no idea which one they were talking about so went to the store. One of the leather watches (Fantastic strap - only produced by fossil 2003) was no longer available (Pls note the only feature of this watch is the strap which is not commercially available) so effectively that watch is now unwearable/totalled (Despite the huge sentimental value I attached to this item in my "collection"as well). This is not the watch I was offered a "replacement"for (I was offered nothing for this as "it's an old watch")... The other strap (Thankfully) was available eur35 charged.

Now my lovely limited ed swarovski which was after 8yrs in perfect condition aside from 2 little missing stones. Apparently this was the one they could not find the stones for and were offering me a replacement watch to the value i'd bought it for (Can't even remember amount but don't care as I wanted my watch).In all honesty initially I thought they were offering me a watch to apologise for the fact that they could/would not repair 2 of my collection but obviously this is not how they work.

I told them I just want my watch back and to my utter surprise was told my watch was not there but still in the repair warehouse in france. I told them to get it back for me (As I planned to take it to swarovski to see if they'd cut 2 little stones for me). I was told it could take a few weeks and I said this was fine i'd get it when i'm next in town.

Obviously as my watch only had 2 stones missing (Never noticeable to strangers) , held huge sentimental value and perfect otherwise I asked for my watch back (I didn't want a new one) so waited a month again.

This weekend (30 march 2014) - a colleague collected it for me as I couldn't make it to the store (Please note all forms stated 2 missing stones). When I opened the pouch this morning I was devastated - the watch is totally trashed >70% of stones missing & face damage/chips. It was like i'd been punched in the stomach. I don't even think this is my watch that's been returned as it looks like a scrap. My colleague didn't know what she was collected when she went to get it. The repair form clearly stated 2 missing stones (Only 2) - but there are tons of tiny crystals along the sides and then obv the bigger crystals at top and bottom (Of which I had originally missed 1 on each side) but now almost all of them are missing and the face is badly chipped and scratched. This watch was bought when I was with my best friend. She passed away from cancer 2 years ago and I absolutely treasured it so am very distraught right now. Surely fossil realises people attach value other than monetary to their items - how could they do this???

I called the store in tears and spoke to sandy and the store manager roy who told me these watches don't exist at all any more and they are not sure what to do as i'm insisting I get my watch back in the original state I gave to them - also being limited ed it makes it even worse that they totally ruined it! I also didn't just take it to any old repair store as this is a fossil item and surely their repair centre would be best.

I used to be the biggest brand ambassador for fossil but with this will never ever buy or recommend fossil products again. I am honestly stunned beyond words on multiple levels here:
A) they stop making/doing repairs on watches that are over x years (Wish someone had told me that - I would never have bought the leather strapped watches at all)
B) they treat your/their limited edition watches coming in for maintenance/repair like trash and with complete disregard of any meaning it might hold for the owner
C) they couldn't even be bothered offering a gesture of goodwill for the watches they can't/won't stock repair items for
D) they offer you a replacement store watch for a limited ed watch you've had for 8 years which they can't replace 2 stones on and expect you will take an ordinary store watch and don't bother returning your excellent condition ltd ed watch
E) when you tell them you don't want to pick (Any old) replacement/new watch (Who gives a damn about money when there's only 2 stones missing and 8 years of amazing experiences attahced) - they tell you it will take a month to come back
F) when you get it back (Knowing they were unable to repair it and knowing there are only a few left in the world) - it looks like someone went at it with a hammer and chisel (Even the face is chipped)

I am totally appalled and devastated and think fossil need to clearly tell their customers, their watches are only repairable if they under 3 years old. If I had known this I don't think I would ever have bought them.

Mar 31, 2014

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