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Forrester UK Holdings LLC / lack of contact

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im am really annoid that i cant get any answers from any one about a cancellation letter which was sent a few months ago. and today no one is answering the phone, there supposed to be a guy called stanley gebre helping to resolve the matter but do u think he has replied to any emails, no he hasnt. this company is a load of crap with cancellation. there quick enough to contact you when they want there money. my advice to any one find another company.

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      17th of Jul, 2010

    The company, Forrester UK Holdings LLC and now First Collect International, (on their behalf), have been chasing me for a debt that does not exist for over a year now. The amount is a measly £190, or 'Final Settlement' of 'JUST' £63. They never answer the phone, don't open their post and they certainly don't have any email address's or regular contact names. In plain terms it is a scam, we have been sold out by Hypercom who sold on the leases for the Cardnet terminals reccomended by Lloyds TSB. Interestingly, Lloyds no longer recommend this criminal outfit.

    Just take a look at the google search results to know that we are not alone: Google: UK Forrester Holdings for the best results and you'll see what i mean.

    Should it go to court i am confident it will be laughed out of the building. They operate a policy of no-contact so you will have to tell them exactly how far you are willing to take it and, by recorded post too, to prove it even got there. I would rather die than pay these criminals.

    I have today sent them both this letter as i have now reported them to the FSA, I will also take the matter up with both my MP and the Press should they continue to harass me:

    (Contact Names should you need them are: Derek Johnson and Ms. Angel. Frankly i don't know how they get out of bed each morning.)


    I am not going to waste my time on either First Collect International or Forrester UK Holdings LLC any longer. You only have to look at the dates of the enclosed letters to deduce that neither ‘Company’ knows what they are doing. At least if you are going to operate a scam together, do it properly. What you are attempting, knowingly outside of UK regulations, won’t work on me.

    I have today registered a detailed complaint with the Financial Services Authority and also agreed to talk to the media, (about both companies)). I should warn you both now to choose your fights more carefully. I am good with a pen, I have all the time in the world and my partner is a Solicitor in a very large London firm. In effect I have a free Legal Team, do you? I am also today sending the Financial Services Authority further details of our correspondence along with a colourful selection of other people’s complaints.

    I should make you aware that I am now considering a case against you. I have suffered considerable stress because of your continued harassment. Stress that I can prove I have suffered, in court, and with GP letters/documentation. If you think all the costs you have already incurred, the postage costs, the man hours, (not to mention the possible legal fees), are somehow finally going to be worth the measly £62.96 “settlement fee”, (fees you have been trying to extort from me for over a year now), you couldn’t have been more wrong.

    I have now moved from my former address and so will now, thankfully, not even receive your ridiculous letters. My temporary telephone number you somehow procured goes dead in three days. As far as I am concerned, that is the end of it. You too would be wise to consider this matter closed. It is now in the hands of the FSA, and should you want it, the press.

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      19th of Jul, 2010


    Alexandria Aponte Tel – 001 212 457 8438

    Email [protected]



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