Ford Motor Company / service department

Beckley, WV, United States

My 2015 ford escape would not go forward or backwards and the transmission light was on. I was not around where i bought it at so i took it to the closest Ford which was Mountaineer Ford and they were RUDE! They told me that it was a 3 week wait. I said ok, i have the extended warranty on it and it includes a rental car. He says it wont pay for a car until they can look at it and give it a diagnosis. What in the heck am i supposed to do in the mean time?? Camp out there! They offered NO help except they could trade. So, i called Mid State Ford where i purchased the vehicle and they sent a rollback and picked me and my car up and took us back to their dealership and they gave me a vehicle to use and are going to fix mine. I dont think they should be allowed to do this. I WILL NOT BUY A VEHICLE FROM MOUNTAINEER FORD IN BECKLEY, WV!

Oct 18, 2018

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