Ford Motor Company / raptor assault course policy

I recently bought a "used" 2018 Raptor with 2000 miles for MSRP. I was very excited about learning the capabilities of this amazing truck at the Raptor Assault Course in Utah. However, when I tried to sign up for the course I was told only the original owner was eligible.
Having owned Dodge SRT vehicles, I know that their performance school funding is tied to the VIN. As long as the SRT vehicle was less than 1 year old, and the course slot for that VIN had not been previously used, the current owner could attend the course.
When I asked for clarification from the Ford Performance Raptor Assault school in Utah, they basically said the "original owner only" restriction is from Ford and therefore they could not (and would not) help me. They also said I could not even pay to attend the course. Not happy with these answers, I decided to call Ford Customer Service. They had no idea how the program worked, and kept sending me back to the school who again blamed Ford! I was frustrated, so I asked the school how the Raptor Assault Course is funded (i.e., is Ford providing the money to you based on the number of Raptors produced, is this money already earmarked, etc?). They claimed they did not know these answers! At this point I am disgusted that a program that does not know how or why it exists is telling me I can't attend!
Which brings me to this sight...seeking answers as to why my $73, 000 purchase is denied the opportunity to attend a course to learn about my new Raptor? Since I spent MSRP on this vehicle, and I am driving around a highly visible truck that is promoting both Ford's SVT program and Ford in general, I see no reason why educating me about the Raptor's capabilities would be bad for anyone? I am hoping that common sense will prevail here, and I will be permitted to attend the Raptor Assault Course.
Thanks you for your time.

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Aug 04, 2018

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