Ford Motor Company / purchased a vehicle with a bad transmission and warranty will not cover it

I had purchased a 2012 Ford Focus back in mid October, 2017. Along with the purchase of the car, I also bought a 24, 000mi/2 Year Warranty on the vehicle. They told me this will cover ALL issues with my car so long as I bring it to the dealership I bought it from. When my transmission in my car started failing (barely one week after purchase), the dealership told me that my warranty would not cover any "dry parts" but only "lubricated parts", they also mentioned to me that Ford Focus (my car) and Ford Fiestas currently have a recall on the clutch in the transmission--which is what turned out to be exactly what was wrong with my car after their technician looked at my car and verified it. I asked them why I had to pay money for a repair that was recalled and they told me the recall only lasted for 100, 000 miles. My car was purchased with 115, 00 miles. I feel very cheated. I worked so hard to buy my first 'nice' vehicle and was finally ready for the financial commitment of paying off a $11, 000 car for 6 years and now I am looking at a $1, 500 repair that I do not have the money for. I called the Ford Customer Service Line and told them about my issue and they set up a case for me, but the man over the phone kept saying there's nothing that can be done. I really need help with this issue. If I had known about the recall on the car I bought, I would have never bought it. I can't afford to pay repairs like this, that's why I bought a warranty. The man at the dealership in the service shop told me that Ford would help me with this. So that's why I'm reaching out everywhere trying to get someone to help me.

Nov 29, 2017

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