Ford Motor Company / misty windscreen & engine problem (no solution given after ten times trying!)

IPOH, Malaysia

Read this before buying Ford Car if you don't want to spend years to repair your car!

Dear all readers, I would like to share my real story here to inform the public how Ford Motor treats the customer after sales service. I provide all the essential info to all of you, after all, you judge is it worth to buy Ford car. Whatever I share over here are all true incidents and worth to be read to avoid mishaps happen to you.

Purchase date: 16 Aug 2014
Dealer : SNS Kembara Utama Sdn Bhd
Location : Ipoh, Perak.

Issues :
1. The main problem of this car is the misty windscreen, I have been sending this car to SNS Kembara Utama for more than 10 times in 3 years, it is so ridiculous they failed to settle one minor issue after 10 times trying. Few technicians from Headquarter tried, but still failed to diagnose the root cause.

2. The funniest thing is the excuse given by the Dennis Fong (Zone manager), he said misty windscreen is the special design of Ford Motor, it is common to drive with misty windscreen during the journey. I purposely made the recording as evidence (even I can use it in a court case). Meaning to say, misty windscreen blocks the driver during driving is absolutely all right, no issue at all. (I ATTACH RECORDING FOR YOUR ATTENTION ).

3. The rude attitude of the director of SNS Kembara Utama. His name is Syed Nasrul Azmi.The director failed to solve the consumer's problem and kick the ball to third parties. After three years nonstop car servicing at the same place, same excuse given, it sufficiently proved that Syed Nasrul Azmi is such a poor director in solving the problem, I am wondering how this company got the license from Sime Darby, a big question to think about.

4. After 3 years struggling, SNS suggested I sell the car to the second hand car dealer, and a new car was provided (year 2016), all the car instalment procedure has to start all over again. After a few days, the same problem occurred unexpectedly, misty windscreen problem again and the worst thing is I must drive not more than 60km/hour with the NEW CAR. I'm totally speechless, salute on Ford service and arrangement!

Friends, I am sharing my story here is not meant to take revenge, but to tell the public the service quality of Ford in Malaysia, don't be the next victim! Lastly, imagine you were in my shoes, what is your feeling after years of servicing yet you are paying monthly car instalment! Even though my car price doesn't fall under luxury category, but is it how to treat a customer, be a responsible dealer!

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Ford Motor Company
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    Dear Sir / Madam,
    I bought FORD RANGER 2.2L XL LO-RIDER Car model in year 2014, exact date was 16 August 2014. The chassis number is MNBLMFE00FW281416, Engine Number is P4AT1190709.In year 2015, I realised that the car wasn’t function in a proper way, the windscreen and engine had some issues. I sent my car to the workshop – SNS Kembara Utama Sdn Bhd (Ford dealer in Perak State) and seek help from them to find out the root cause. I have been sending my car to SNS Kembara Utama Sdn Bhd for almost 3 years (2015 - 2017), same problem still existing and all the technicians failed to solve it out. Even the director (Syed Nasrul Azmi) of SNS Kembara Utama Sdn Bhd failed to provide solutions and good explanation to me, I am wondering how SNS got the dealership from SIME DARBY or Ford Motor, the quality is so ……….(I can’t describe it). I attach copy of repair copy for your reference, how ridiculous Ford Motor failed to repair one minor issue after 10 times trying!!

    Due to the misty windscreen, I faced problem when driving and no one can provide assistance on this matter. After that, I decided to report this issue to headquarter Sime Darby in KL. Yes, headquarter sent technicians to Perak and fix my car. However, everything wasn’t run smoothly and again they failed to resolve the misty windscreen issue. I am curious why Ford technician failed to fix Ford vehicle problem, this is a big question mark that Ford Motor has to investigate.

    Lastly, SNS suggested I sell off the car to second hand car dealership and a new car will be given by SNS Kembara Utama Sdn Bhd if Ford technician failed to fix the misty windscreen issue. After few times trying, they surrendered and a new car was given, car model is FORD RANGER XLT 2.2L auto year 2016. I thought everything was settled. Out of my expectation, worst thing came, the new car has the same problem, misty windscreen and default engine problem again! I was fed up, I can’t drive more than 60km on the road, or else ‘tok-tok’ voice will be generated. I called SIME DARBY AUTO CONNEXION SDN BHD, the person in charge is Dennis Fong (zone manager), email address is dennis.fong.[protected] He replied misty windscreen is feature of Ford car, no one can question it! I purposely made a recording to tell Ford Motor how the dealership in Malaysia handles cases (You may find the attached recording!).

    The purpose of writing this letter is to inform Ford Motor this unfair issue in Malaysia, hope Ford Motor can rectify this issue as soon as possible. Again, I will share this issues in social media to alert public how Ford Motor serve the customers. After three years struggling on the same problem, I have no trust on Ford Motor, I request refund from Ford Motor because Ford Car don’t worth a cent as it failed to satisfy user’s need!

    Thank you very much and hope to receive positive response from you soonest.

    Miss Cheong

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    经销商:SNS Kembara Utama Sdn Bhd

    1. 这款车的主要问题是有挡风玻璃有太多的雾水(MISTY WINDSCREEN),我在三年内一直把这辆车送到SNS Kembara Utama来 回十多次。这真的太可笑,FORD尝试超过10次也未能解决那个小问题。总部技术员尝试,但仍未能诊断根本原因。

    2. 最有趣的是有位区域经理DENNIS FONG给的借口是雾水挡风玻璃(MISTY WINDSCREEN)是福特Ford的特殊设计。我特意做录音以作为证据(甚至可以用于法庭诉讼)。他的意思是说,雾水挡风玻璃在驾驶过程中阻挡司机是绝对正确的,根本没有问题。 [可以聆听录音]。

    3. SNS Kembara Utama的DIRECTOR 态度超烂的。他是Syed Nasrul Azmi,他未能解决消费者的问题,把球踢开,没正视真正问题。经过三年不间断的汽车维修,在同一个地方,同样的借口, Syed Nasrul Azmi 还是不能解决这个小问题,如此糟糕的主管,我想知道这家公司是如何获得Sime Darby的DEALERSHIP,这是一个很大的问题,想想。

    4. 经过多次投诉,SNS建议卖给二手车商,并提供一辆同款新车(2016年),供车手续又得重复。不过,几天后,同样的问题又发生了,雾水挡风玻璃问题又一次出现,最糟糕的新车开车时速不超过60公里?!我完全无语,对福特FORD的服务和安排敬佩!!


Sep 17, 2017

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