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Gauteng, South Africa
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My name is john hanekom, chad hanekom's father. My son tweeted the incident this morning and someone tweeted back and said he must please write an e-mail, so I am acting on his behalf.

On the 28th of november 2014 my son chad hanekom was involved in a horrific motor car accident on the n1 north (Western bypass) between malibongwe and william nichol drives. As parents we are very fortunate to still have chad with us.

Apparently chad says he smelt something and seconds later he heard an incredibly weird sound coming from his engine. The vehicle then started veering from side to side and then started spinning across the highway. He had no control over the steering wheel and other vehicles started colliding, approximately 4, and then a 5 ton truck rear ended his vehicle.

Now according to chad, something definitely malfunctioned with his vehicle that caused the near fatal accident. I have been in contact with ford sa but I have not had any positive response from them, in fact, they avoiding my plea to have an assessment done on the vehicle. Surely there are some other parents that have children driving that particular vehicle and maybe it has a defect.

The person I dealt with at ford sa's call centre is nicky smith and my reference no is:[protected] and he can be reached at [protected]. Since the accident I was told by nicky that their field engineer, whoever that might be, said that they do not operate like that and that I should get my insurance company to do the assessment. The insurance company closed the claim and also said they only do a visual assessment.

I have limited time available as they will be moving the vehicle from sandton to boksburg where they apparently will destroy it, meaning they will crush the vehicle as it's written off as a code 4. The assessor I dealt with from outsurance is anwar adam and he can be reached on [protected].

Ford sa snubbed my request and I feel something must be done as I could have lost my son.

After the ford snub I had a private appraisal done on the vehicle and the outcome was part failure. The suspension snapped where it was attached to the shock absorber. I re-opened the case with ford and sent them the detailed appraisal but still they did nothing, no sorry they did do something, they closed the case... Again.

I tried getting the miosa (Motor industry of south africa) involved but also to no avail. I sent email after email and called and called and called, but also a huge snub from them. I was told by the person who did the appraisal to try get hold of mr johan van graan (The big fish) , but no, you guessed it, also nothing.

Now I see the ford kuga is killing people and still ford is as arrogant as ever.

If you are driving any ford, you have most most inner sympathy

Makes you think what ford stands for, maybe f (Ound) o (N) r (Oad) d (Ead).

If there is anything else you need or if anyone is slightly interested, please contact me on [protected].

Ford Motor Company
Ford Motor Company
Ford Motor Company

Jan 17, 2017

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