Ford Motor Company / engine wiring harness

Madison, GA, United States

My 2010 F-150 has been at the Ford dealership since Jan. 3 2017. It needs an engine wiring harness. I was told the part would be in the week of Jan. 18th. I waited and called Jan. 19th. I was told the part would be in the week of Jan. 30th. I called Feb. 1st. I'm now being told it "should" be sent by Feb 13th. Folks this is ridiculous!!! My wife and myself have owned 16 Fords in our life time. I know I'm just another customer complaining but we're in the process of moving and I need my truck very badly!!! I sent a complaint on Jan.19th but have not heard anything from anybody. I guess I'm now gonna be a Chevrolet man. Can't believe I just typed that, but there is "NO" reason why it should take over a month for a part to be made and shipped. If I haven't heard from somebody and made satisfied I will definitely go as public as I can with this.

Feb 1, 2017

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