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Stockton, CA, United States
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I purchased a 2017 Mustang on Sept 6, 2017. A few days later I noticed issues with the paint and contacted to sales associate I purchased the car from. I then was sent to the sales manager. The issues with the so called new car... it had over spray and scrapes/dent from previous body work that was not disclosed upon purchasing, the manager said if it was under 500.00 it would not have to be disclosed. Next off .. we went over every issue with the paint etc.. and he said we will make it right not to worry. The dealership has a body shop on the premises, so that it where it was going . My car was there for over 2 weeks..and I asked the sales manager to please make sure it is safe and does not get more damage, he asured me he would make sure it was safe. Then excuse after excuse for not being ready when it should have been, I finally said this is enough I want my car back, I took a day off from work to go get it when it was finally done and it still wasn't fact it had more damage to it than the original issues. The lady at the dealership said" oh yeah it got damaged while it was here so we had to do more work on it. It had a whole in the rear bumper among other scrapes and even scrapes inside the car. I took my car and further examined when I got home and the rubber piece around the back window ...newly installed was dented in one place and had a lot of scratches on it. I once again contacted the sales manager and got no reply back at all, my wife called the dealership a wanted to talk to the General Manager and was told be the operated that she would email him and I should here back in a few days ;that was over 2 weeks ago. I am trying to find out who I should pass this information regarding the lack of customer service to, because I feel this experience of purchasing my new mustang has been ruined and I am with out a doubt never going to purchase another Ford . So I you could please give me some assistance with this issue I would appreciate it. Thank you, Larry and Sherry Allen

Oct 25, 2017

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