Ford Motor Company / computer/heater

Gretna, LA, United States

I am very disappointed when I went to the dealership 10/20 because my heater wasn't working. My vehicle is 5 years old and I can see if a PART broke, I would need to replace it and pay for it. But I don't feel I should of paid for a malfunction of the vehicle. When I went in they said between my computer and the heater it lost connection so they had to restart my computer and it cost me $119.oo plus tax bringing it to$127.00 and some change. How does the computer just lose connection? My a/c worked and my rear window heater worked. I just feel its a computer glitch with ford and not because of the age of my vehicle. 2013 Ford Edge purchased 3/19/2013 roughly, under Marsha Breisacher (Fontenot now)

Oct 22, 2018

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