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Thank you for your support for stephen colbert. Please don't take the complaints against your advertising on the show seriously. The whiners are an extreme but noisy minority who like to equate comedic rants (Colbert) with actual sexual harassment (O'reilly). They like to pretend support for queer people by claiming colbert's decidedly vile depiction of two decidedly vile creatures (Putin and dt) is somehow 'homophobic'.in fact, stephen colbert's comments weren't remotely homophobic. Colbert's job is to express the outrage of so many by using jokes. His jokes are so good that his recent tirade and the bizarre faux outrage response from right wing dt supporters have actually increased viewership on the show, which is actually good for business

Don't trust me. Instead, do your own research to learn that the vast majority of #firecolbert threads are filled with colbert supporters. The vast majority of your customers love stephen colbert

Thanks for your time!

May 10, 2017
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  • Ri
      14th of May, 2017

    Due to Ford Motor Company Advertising on The Stephen Colbert Show, Ford vehicles will be my last choice, his so called joke
    about President Trump are disgusting and I will not support any company that condones this kind of disrespect. Thank you Rick

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