Ford Motor Company / 2017 f-350 / transmission

Bought a 2017 F-350/gas around the first of the year. Researched and everything. Use the vehicle for beekeeping. Pulling a trailer, approx. 12, 000# and the transmission winds up to sustained 4-5000 rpm and won't upshift. Griffin Ford / Waukesha, WI says this is normal and keep running. The transmission checked out okay there. Service tech there kept telling me the truck weighs 10, 000# and I need to reduce my trailer load. My truck spec says it weighs 6, 800# plus me and my stuff. Never go there again. I use tow/haul, and have been using manual shift. Accelerating up a hill and the truck bogs down, even without a trailer. Will not accelerate to road speed until road levels off. Oil dipstick keeps kinking, and I need to feed it inch by inch back down. I'm definitely disappointed. Sold my 04 Dodge 2500 diesel, which did everything, but was getting worn out at 300K miles.

Ford Motor Company

Jul 31, 2018

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