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St. George, US

06/2012 purchased a 2 year old Ford Edge Vin #2FMDK4JC0BBA91117, diligently maintained, less than 100, 000 miles . 8/14 steady orange check motor light came on, no indications, took to a local garage, made an appointment for 8/17.
8/15 going to work, after 7 miles engine got rough at a stop sign, lost power, 3 miles in breakdown lane to Rockland Ford,
Thomaston Maine, when I braked at the garage check oil, overheating light on & the engine stalled. Later found that this car I had for 4 years, almost paid off had a failed engine. $7000 for another engine. Just like that, no warning. 67 year old single & now have another car financed through no fault of mine. I am submitting another complaint towards the dealership for techniques & financing on the car & just took on.I

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    Vin 1FMCU9GX2GUB27873- Ford Escape
    8/15/18 I suddenly had an engine failure in my 2011 Ford Edge that I had for 4 years, almost paid off, well maintained, under 100, 000 miles. Internal water pump died & destroyed the engine. Very upset, disheartening as I am 67 year old single female who am now in a "underwater" loan that I am partially responsible for due to my stress & inexperience with loan process.
    Complaint is the practices of Rockland Ford, 165 Old County Road, Thomaston Maine 04861. I desperately needed another car because I still need to work. I worked with sales person Tyler. I looked at several cars, test drove a few & rejected many because I wanted to stay in the &17, 000 range I had just lost approx. $15, 000 I had paid on the Edge. He found me a 2016 Escape quoted me $17, 900 approx. I decided to purchase Escape, Tyler had to leave for the day & passed info to billing. This whole ordeal was approx. 5 hours, I was exhausted, upset & clearly not paying attention to detail.
    Results- $25, 724 retail price, trade in $8000. Their fancy figuring left me with a $31, 899 loan. Retail price is as much as a new Escape. These cars should go for approx. what Tyler Patterson quoted me. I am on the hook for this because of my fatigue, inexperience & yes stupidity. Someone should check into their pricing practices, how unfair. I spoke with Tyler on the 17th & he said he would check into this for me & had my back. That's the last I have heard from him. At the very least I would like someone to view this contract with the dealership. Thank you Judy Johnson [protected]

Aug 21, 2018

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