Ford Motor Company / 2005 ford escape limited, vin#1fmcu94125kd90129

I bought this vehicle in March of 2005. Current miles 135000. Recently discovered a loud noise coming from the passenger side rear wheel well. Upon investigating, it was discovered that the shock absorber was separated at the top and floating due to severe corrosion. Upon having a professional inspection from the local body shop, I was informed that it is irreparable due to the severe corrosion and there was nothing to reattach the shock to the vehicle. He also stated that this was a common problem with Ford Escapes in that year. Upon researching on- line I discovered hundreds of complaints regarding the same issue. And that Ford has done nothing to resolve the issue. How can this be? This Escape has been a well maintained vehicle since I have owned it and I am extremely disappointed in the amount of deterioration that is on it.
I purchase new vehicles about every 10-15 years and have never seen this amount of decay on any other vehicles that my wife or I have owned.
Based on the amount of complaints similar to mine, I would like to know if Ford intends to stand by their product.

Jun 05, 2018

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