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Dear Sir,

My email is unfortunately not addressed to anyone but it is my last hope. I expect the Company to respond to me immediately as i have lots of complaints from the Egyptian Agent "Fikry Group" and no one ever answered me back.

I bought a Ford Focus high line in July 2009, two months ago and since then i have been treated like i have not paid the money to the company!!! Let me just clarify that it costs EGP 160, 000 which is a lot of money here in Egypt, and unfortunately i have lost the money from the first month.

First of all, i lost my left mirror after three days and when i asked the agent to bring me a mirror he gave me the old model mirror, which of course did not work with my car. This was the first mistake. I never mind and i asked for the new one and this was the second mistake. The mirror took me a month to buy and not only that, whenever i called them, Mr Ahmed Atwa and Mr John Magdy in Giza branch, they told me the shippment is not here yet and after a whole month he suddenly said it is not his job to bring me the mirror it is the maintenance department responsibility!!! I DONT CARE WHOSE RESPONSIBILITY IT IS BUT HE SHOULD HAVE TOLD ME BEFORE THE MONTH. Also, i am speeking to the Ford company i am not speaking to PEOPLE in the company and your reputation is the responsibility of every single employee. Me, as an employee in a Bank, i am not supposed to say "it is not my responsibility" but this is the ONLY word i heard in this company till now and i need to know WHO IS RESPONSIBLE IN THIS COMPANY ?????????

The biggest problem is yet to come... After a month and a half, the car stops when i was in a trip 2 a.m. with my little daughter on the road, and the computer sends me a message "transmission malfunction"!!! A problem in the gear box. A problem in the most important part of an automatic car!!! I called the maintenance person "responsible", Eng. Amir and he told me move with the car no problem at all, and when u come back from the trip you can come to us to fix it, which means he knows it is a USUAL problem in this car. Anyway i moved with the car and another message came up in the computer "Engine malfunction"!!! This means that his advice could have caused me a disaster.

I sent them the car and i asked to change the whole car. Wolkswagen, a reputable German brand, changed a car before because of a problem in the wheels not the gear box and engine. It is a manufacturer problem, why should i pay for it? The one who manufactured it has to pay for HIS mistake. Mr Amr Nazmy in the maintenance said that he asked the branch in Spain, where the car is manufactured to change the car or change the gear box, but a refusal was sent!!! They fixed it and now it broke again and when i called the agency Mr Hany El Bahhar, the maintenance manager said it might be MY mistake of misuse!!! They wanted to fix it again but now i want more action than that. Am i supposed to accept to fix a NEW CAR weekly in an unprofessional maintenance centre with unrespectable people and not trust worthy company reputation. I complained in a responsible agency which is "Consumer Protection Institution" to investigate about whose problem it is. And i will go more to complaint in more official agents if i did not get immediate respond from you and a reasonable compensation to me. This car has a problem and i want to change it as a whole.

Let me highlight that all this time i have NEVER received a phone call from a single employee in this company. Not one appology and NO respect. I always call them to complaint and call them to follow up on the complaint. I tried to contact Mr Ramy Fikry and he is unreachable and when i asked for his secretary they gave me a number and after several phone calls i found out she is a customer service employee. And when i asked for his email they refused to give it to me. It seems that they are all liars here and Mr Ramy does not care about his clients.

The main problem in this agency is that they are all liars and no one knows anything about anything and no transperacy what so ever.

A big complain about Mr Hany El Bahhar and Mr Mohamed El Norashy. Mr Hany El Bahhar when i called him he told me i am not a respectable person and i am not polite. This is how Ford treats their CLIENTS. Mr Mohamed El Norashy, the quality controller in this company as stated by sales people, told me as well that he is not responsible for my complaints and i should THANK him that he is answering my calls coz he is doing me a favour!!! His job is now a favour to clients.

Ford in Egypt had a very bad reputation from the previous agent and we all thought that this idea will change by giving it to the unreachable man Ramy Fikry. Let me tell you that a site has been opened in Egypt where people chat about cars and a group of 25 persons has complaints from Ford in Egypt. No one i know now will ever buy a Ford car.

I still have hope that my choice was not that mistaken and that a better treatment should be expected from a reputable brand name like Ford..


Asmaa A.Gamal
Residential Property Finance
Commercial International Bank
Tel: +2 02 [protected]

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  • Sa
      Feb 18, 2010

    i was planning to get that car in my next vacation to Cairo.
    weird. but i heard before about some problems conecrning after sales support.

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  • Ma
      Mar 30, 2010

    I was going to buy ford focus!!! but you makes me very worry about it...

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  • En
      May 03, 2010

    i was thinking of buying the car this month, but when i read your misrable case, im gonna buy the jetta better.
    thanks for advising us and best of luck

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  • Im
      May 12, 2010

    Yeah ... They always choose the worst agents. Probably they choose them the same way as they choose some lousy movies to win oscars for just a political reasons!!!. They probably do not care about our market share here in Egypt. Let uncle Obama pay their bellions $ bills. Anyway, their continued effort to destroy their reputation in Egypt has much succeeded for the past 12 years. If the car market here in Egypt is not of particular interest for them, they better not enter the market, which would be far better for them. hmmmm..., and for us also.
    I have an old Ford Escort car that I like because of robust build, and although me and my wife both like it, when she sold her car last week, I refused the Focus option for the same reason. She is now buying a less priced Cruze but has a much more reputable dealer.
    It is not ur fault Asmaa of choosing the Focus, it is a very reputable car (although I hate the fake wood finish in the panels) and what happened to u could've been easily corrected if they were keen on their reputation and closely monitor their agency in Egypt. (or may be if live in another country.!!) hard luck

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  • Ha
      May 29, 2010

    I am Hazem from Alex. I got a mondeo which is a magnificent car. I never get into such problem that Mrs. Asmaa got. The car is excellent .. the service is well.. emplouees here in Alx. are very helpful with understanding of your requirements.
    I'hd never give up FORD.(This one is one third Mondeo) .

    I would like to ask Mrs. Asmaa a question (Why did you choose Ford?)
    I think that your answer will make the vision more clear.

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  • De
      Jul 12, 2010

    Iam Mohamed from cairo i also have a problem with my 2009 focus HB in the gear box and i also tried to reach any responsible person to fix my problem but all i got is the car is ok and you have no problem this was my first problem, the second one is that the car stops at 180 km/h and i could find that other focus with my friend passes so easily getting to the 210 km/h when i told them about that they only respond i got that the car 's top speed is only 180 finally i found that the engine only produces sound nothing more its not a car.
    Mohamed Adel : [protected]

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  • Sh
      Jul 23, 2010

    I was searching for ford focus topline colors n i found this accedintely, , , , , , which puts me in a big confusion, , , , ! Is it still the case with Ford users !? Bad after sales service ? Does the car has lots of problem ? Was it under the warranty of 3 y or 100 k km ??? I am a bitt confused ! I had many options for jetta, fantaziz, or even for civic, , , but focus is now a big query ! Shady [protected]

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  • Lu
      Aug 30, 2010

    hi assma, i was planning to buy a ford, so i need to know how were u treated after your complaint? kindly let me know

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  • Dr
      Dec 04, 2010

    thanks asmaa for theese precious advice .now i have cancelled buying the bad reputation focus

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  • Mi
      Jan 04, 2011

    hey guys i have 3 ford cars non of them shows any problems and the customer service is great, i dont know what u are talking about?? but this is really weired i never faced a problem. any way try el obour branch i usually go there, people are very nice n helpfull
    thank you...

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  • Co
      Jan 08, 2011

    Guys, its not about whos car broke down and who had a good deal... everything is fine at the dealers till you have a problem with the car. Only at that time will the true character of the company come out. I believe Asmaa in all she said and I advise her to submit an official complaint at the consumers protection agency in egpyt... I hope you have one there.
    This is a typical case of bad management and unprofessional attitudes toward customers, I do believe one thing everyone at the dealer has been telling you, Its not thier responsibility... thats because thier is not one responsible person there... Customer satisfaction is not a priority there and they forget about you once you have payed the money. They definitely have not adressed the issue of post sale services. I need to ask the idiots with neck ties at the dealership, what the hell does WARRANTY mean to you...

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  • Ah
      Jan 21, 2011

    This is Ahmed El Mansoury, a dentist at Mansoura University Hospital, Egypt.
    On 22th of December 2010, I went to Ford Maintenance Agent in Egypt “Fikry group”, 6th October branch, with my Ford Focus 2006 car, VIN NO. WF04XXWPD45D42191 In order to undertake my 70000 Km periodic maintenance, along with changing the oil engine, and changing front shock absorbent, besides activating the seatbelt reminder since I had deactivated it and forgot how to reactivate it.
    And I left my car for the check and maintenance it was in an excellent condition, and never happened that I’ve complained for any problem since I first purchased it. And on calling me on the same day at 2 pm for taking it and paying the bill (about 650 $), later after getting the car I found out that instrument cluster works in a strange unusual way, and all the alert signs and indicators are on, and needls don’t work, in addition to a continuous warning notification, such as Engine System Fault, ESP System Fault, transmission malfunction ……. etc. After that, the car didn’t work and never responded to any of my attempts, all this and I’m still in the maintenance center so, I asked the assigned engineer about that and what happened, but carelessly he answered me “this is a problem in all the Ford Focus category vehicles” just to cover their inefficiency and the terrible mistake they had done. Furthermore he said “ we have ungrouped the instrument cluster in order to fix the seatbelt reminder” and I asked him “why? There is nothing wrong with the cluster, it has a specific way for activating it, and the cluster was working perfectly, and any way I brought my car in a perfect condition with no similar problems, and I need it just like it was when I first brought it here”. The engineer replied to me “Ok, you are right, we have caused this problem and we got to fix it for you, but please you have to leave the car here for a while so we can work on it and restore it”
    They spent the whole day working on it but they failed, and then they asked me to leave it there till tomorrow, and so I left it there. And in the next day I went back there to find out that they couldn’t work the problem out, and that continued for 5 days, as they have burnt something in the circuit board and tried to fix it . And on the fifth day they called me and told me to come and get the car and that it was done, and they apologized for taking too long. I went there the next morning and got the car, and apparently it was ok, and on the next morning I was starting the car but it didn’t respond and didn’t work at all, and the same alerts and warning messages started turning on, so I called the agent and told them that “this is unacceptable, you are gluing the car up not fixing it” and the engineer told me “it neglects software, whenever we install one, it removes it” and he asked me to bring there on a truck.
    I took it there on 29th of December 2010, and till today it is there, and I told them that I’m not taking it back before they replace the damaged piece with a new one, because that can’t happen to me, since I travel daily, and they said “the car could work for one or two months since we have removed the IC and the damaged resistance and adhered some other components, but after that one or two months period you will have to change the cluster”. Of course I refused that nonsense and condemned this childish unprofessional behavior, and told them that there is no way to give up my demand of installing an entirely new cluster instead of the old one, accompanied with a warranty,
    Disrespectfully they refused that and they told me to pay for the cluster which I have nothing to do with it and wasn’t my fault to be having it. Later after some arguments, they told me that they could offer me a 40% discount for the cluster, and to be mentioned here that the cluster is really costly (almost 1300$)
    Now, I would like to know, what have I done here? And what do I have to do with this unacceptable behavior from people who work for Ford name?
    I’m asking you for immediate questioning and investigating this acts and behaviors which hurts your company’s reputation and making it up on me and paying me back for all what I had been through and suffered because of those workers.
    Also I’m asking for installing a new cluster as soon as possible and for free, and asking for making it up on me for what I had been through since 22nd of December and all the costs i had to pay and above all, the immaturity and unprofessionalism and disrespect I saw by your agents.
    Dr Ahmed Elmansoury
    Tel: +[protected]

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  • As
      Mar 29, 2011

    My name is Ash from USA i owe ford focus which is a great cars here may be not a lot of people knows how they fix them .I am here in America and i have another 2007 lincoln twon car which is ford has over 250000 km without any issue ?
    The problems here the ford or even the VW they make them with very low standard for the middle east and with higher standard for europ.I belive the ford focus in egyot not the same like the ford focus here we have 2200 cc with over 180 hp and the one made for europ is 1800cc with 210 hp.
    Egypt egypt the the reasone i am here away from my family because people not honest and try to -----------
    God bless you all

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  • He
      May 04, 2011

    My name is Hesham form cairo I agree with asmaa 100% because i have the same problem in El Obour Branch NOOOOOOO FORD

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  • Ma
      Oct 13, 2011

    Dear All A brand like ford must choose a Reputable and profesional dealer here in egypt.. My story is as follows i bought my car which is Mondeo the last week after i paid the money and every thing was going ok .. they gave me only 1 key for the car when iasked for the other 1 they told me it is not here and i will have to wait till they search for the other key as the car was atest drive car...anyway they wanted me to take the car and go and wait for a call from them as every 1 knows the situation here in egypt after 25th of january they wanted me to leave without the second key is this acceptable for any 1 iam just telling you this because it is very unproffesional attitude towards a customer from a reputable company like ford...

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  • Mo
      Nov 30, 2011

    Dear All My name is Dr mohamed, my story is very similar, I bought new ford focus ghia April 2011 From Nasr city showroom, everything was OK on buying the car, 2 weeks later, the driver door got accident and the responsible engineer in al Obour branch adviced replacment of the door completely, i agreed, he told me it will be looks like the original one, so the door changed and i paid 5300 L.E. this was at the first 1000km maintinance, after not more than one month the doko or the color of the replaced door started to change and because im so busy in my work, i waited until the 100000 maintinance to repair this problem with the maintinance, beside appearance of three problem
    1- AC is not working espicially if the teperature more than 38c.
    2- kilometer amper cant reach the full capacity inspite the tank is full.
    3-The car stopped suddenly in the road without any response.
    on complaining to the responsible enginer ( he responded carlessly, he only want to do the routine maintinance and to pay mony without resolving the other important issues).
    surprisingly he told me the AC filter must be changed because you are living in a dusty area.
    the door we shall repair it but no now, you can come again in any time .and to resolve the fuel amper problem please use the manual funnel during the fueling.
    I went at the 200000 km mainatinance, i told them the same problems
    2-Fuel amper..
    3-The replaced door..
    The ansewr again
    1-change of AC filtter againe beacause im living in a dusty area.
    2-Use the funnel during fueling.
    3-Come again at any time but not now.
    i paid 1770L.E. Without solving my main complains. and still i have the same problems in spite the car is bran new ( only 20000km) nobody in the fikrygruop al obour branch listen to my complain and no body care to solve any problems other than routine maintinance.


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  • Ta
      Apr 17, 2012

    i was planing to buy ford foucs, but after reading your problem i will go for octavia fantasia as soon as it is well known in the egyptian market .

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  • Am
      Nov 28, 2012

    I have the same experience with all of you, here is what happened.
    I bough t a brand new Focus 2012 Highline, after 200 Km yes it is only 200 Km and 7 days from the purchasing date I felt a jerk on idle and at low RPM, at once I went to the Service Center at El Obour and asked about this issue they answered it is normal and will take some time to be fix itself, I did so because as per the Egyptian Law I have 14 days to replace the car or even had my money back but after the Service Center confirmed that is normal I said it is OK.
    At 1, 000 Km the problem hadn't been solved so I told the Engineers there you have to fix the problem beside the scheduled maintance, the checked with the computer and confirmed that there is no issues and every thing is totally normal, they said just give it some more time to fix itself without any action needed. Now I'm 2, 700 Km and problem still there so I went to the Service Center and insist that they should clarify the problem and have this problem solved by any way. after a long time from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm they told me they have reached to the problem but they need to spend some more time on testing so your car will be fuly fixed by tomorrow, I asked what was the problem the answer was the master of the petrolum pump and it is an electronic part will be changed and everything will be fine, NOW they have the car for 5 days and they didn't even reached where is the issue. They told me you will get your car by max. next sunday but I'm sure it will not be fixed. I don't know what should I do, I have paid 190, 000 EGP and have my car in Service Center for 5 days after only ONE Month and some days.

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  • Ah
      May 10, 2013

    Actually I was searching about the different feedback about the ford focus before buying the same in Egypt, but from all the comments I can say that it is not the right choise since the agents is not responsible person

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  • Kh
      Oct 10, 2013

    It might happen in all car brands agencies, I got two ford cars and they are working very fine with me. My new car will be ford also
    October service center is perfect, I never had faced any issues with them

    Today 10 October 2013, I went to to make my 190, 000 km periodic service but astonished that Fikry group is no more ford agent representative, October service center is closed and all ford signs are removed, and I learnt that abdel Latif el jomail (Daihatsu) representative will take over with ford egypt. Do any one have any news?

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  • Lo
      Nov 17, 2013

    baaaaaad service center

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  • Lo
      Nov 17, 2013

    ford nice car, horrible after sales... i would go for subaru .. win win !

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