Ford Ecosport / complaint against ford dealer

I bought FORD Ecosport last year – Sept’13 from Astro ford dealer, Dwarka.
I went to Delhi Ford, Vasant Kunj Service Center on 6th Apr’14for getting my car service.
I gave my car for free labor service. I got to know after some time from theservice manager of Delhi ford service center that alloys which were put in thecar are not authorized alloy wheels. They refuse to do wheel balancing/alignment.I purchased this vehicle from Astro ford Dwarka and I called there and then toask from sales/service team why these unauthorized accessories/spare parts weregiven to me. Staff of Astro ford had noanswer and told that I asked them to do put these unauthoised alloys. UNBELIEVABLE. I never asked them to putunauthorized accessories. They told methat ford genuine alloys are costly compared unauthorized parts. I was feelingso cheated and couldn’t believe this was happening to me. What restrained themto put these genuine alloys while delivering the car. How would I know theseare genuine or no genuine parts. I can only select design but delivering authorized/genuinepart/accessory is dealers responsibility. Isnt it? As a matter of fact Astro ford is looting peopleby asking customers to buy accessories if they want to buy a their product. Thyeare forcing people as car has/had a long waiting period. I spent approx 80 K onaccessories only to know that I had to pay more for genuine accessories. What thehell. I bought a car worth 10 lakhs tohear such cheap statements from Astro ford. How can Ford dealers keep unauthorized accessories/spareparts I fail to understand that. Strict action should be taken against thesedealers and an example to should be set. They need to be heavily penalized and theirshowrooms should be closed immediately . I can go to any extent so thatthis loot is checked and customer’s safety is taken care of.

Your tag line on ford’s official web site states Don’t play with your family’s safety. Use Ford genuine parts. I hope you wouldpay urgent and serious attention to it. This is a very serious matter becausecustomer is being cheated and taken for a ride which is NOT ACCEPTABLE.

I need written apology from the dealer. They need to change unauthorized alloyswith genuine alloys . Not only this they need to change any other part which isnot genuine with genuine part Also Delhi ford dealer told me that rear camera is also not genuine /authorizedford part. Am worried that there might be some other parts which are notgenuine and this is purely playing with customer’s safety. Let me set therecord right - never asked the dealer toprovide me unauthorized/no genuine part.

Also I had to go through tremendous pain to ask Delhi Ford service center todo wheel balancing/alignment as theywere refusing to do so saying that they don’t do that for unauthorized parts.Had to request them really hard for themto do so which was done ultimatelykeeping me wait for hours. Am not toohappy with the service provided by Delhi ford dealer either. This needs to bechecked too.

Hoping quick and effective response withoutputting me in dock.

Hitesh Arora
Tata Teleservices Ltd

Apr 7, 2014

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