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Is it fair that Chesapeake Energy and Barnett Four Sevens Energy is taking my minerals for free? I am a 70 year old, single woman and I am scared. I am struggling to pay my house payment and these energy companies are stealing my money. They owe me over $5000 because of my oil.

In March I had to travel to travel over 14 hours to be by the bedside of my son who was near death and with the price of fuel and airfare, I got a little behind on my house and car payments; so I did the best that I could. I am on a fixed income and really do not have room in my budget for the unexpected. So I paid Ford Motor Credit half payments for 3 months. I explained to them my situation and set up arrangements with them that they accepted and they still continued to threaten me with repossession. I have paid them 2 months of my past due balance and only owed one month and $185 and they still sent a tow truck to repossess my car on a Sunday afternoon, despite our previous agreements. I have had this vehicle since March of �04 and only have one more year to pay on it. I have made my payments every month for the past 4 years until I ran into an unexpected emergency.

I also tried to catch up on my mortgage, but Litton Loan has refused my payment which has made me 3 months behind. They have begun filing for a foreclosure. If the energy companies would have paid me on my oil lease I would have been able to pay my mortgage shortage. I went to Channel 4 and have not received in response back. I also called the Attorney Generals office - no help there either. Is Chesapeake Energy and Barnett Four Sevens Energy God? Are they untouchable? I am just barely hanging on by a thread. When I lose my house and my car, what am I to do? Go homeless?? Live in the streets??? Please advise.

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  • La
      4th of Dec, 2008

    They cannot take it for free, unless the mineral rights were sold before you bought the property. Go back to original deed and see what it says.

    If the deed includes mineral rights you are entitled to compensation.

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