Ford 12 passenger Vanroof damage

Our church rented a van from Dollar Rent a Car in Cherry Hill in July of 2014. We have rented from this company before and had good experiences with this company and this particular franchise. I am the pastor and holder of the church credit card. The Youth Director, registered as a driver, drove the van to Virginia with 10 of our middle school kids and another adult chaperone. We were concerned about having enough insurance and liability on this church trips and did not want our members to have to submit car repair claims to their own insurance so we bought as much insurance as Dollar would offer.
I did inspect the van when I rented it using the church credit card. i did not look at the roof however.
Fast Forward to the end of the week. Our youth director returned the van on a Thursday night. Friday morning I recieved a phone call saying that there was damage to the roof of the van. I went over there and there was a dent in the roof. I do not know how this dent happened to the roof and I did not drive the van. The Agent said that roof damage was not covered by our additional insurance. No where in the contract does it exclude roof damage. Nothing that I signed said that exclusion. he pointed out a sticker on the windshield that said roof damage was not covered. I had never seen that before and it was not in the contract that I signed.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Cherry Hill, NJ
So I called the Dollar Rent a car representative on Monday morning July 21. the agent asked me if I had gotten a police report and that the insurance was void if I didnt. I explained that I did not know there was damage until it was back in NJ. Did he want me to drive to Virginia to get a police report? there had been a storm that week, maybe damage occured at that time and the youth director didnt know it. He said he would get back to me.
FOUR MONTH LATER he calls back in September to say that the van had been in use all summer and he just has seen the damage. He said we have to pay 6, 000. No estimate of damages was given. A letter arrived later to say that they would also take out 15 days at 60.00 per day for out of service charge and now the cost is 7280.00. The next letter that came from a law firm said that they would put this lien on my credit report. We sent a letter protesting this action and explained that we purchased insurance for this very reason.
We are a very small church and do not have this kind of money. They now have sent me a hand written note from the agent at the local office with incorrect statements. He said I knew that damage to the roof was not covered and he could take the deductible out of my credit card. That was absolutely NOT TRUE.
But they charged 500.00 to the church credit card even though I never signed anything.

Feb 03, 2015

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