FlyDubairequest for the claim the damage

8th may 2017
Request for the claim the damage
Dear sir/madam,
Passenger name : mohamed shibly ubaidur risly
Booking ref : 8psomv
Ticketing agent’s name : adriatica travel, al muntaza area, p.o. box no: 22786, doha. tele: +974 [protected],, [protected]
I would like to inform you that i’m the above named mohamed shibly ubaidur risly. i would like to bring you following facts:
1. i had purchased this ticket from above mentioned ticketing agent in doha, qatar.

2. i had to fly on your airlines on 28th april 2017 at 01:35 from colombo to doha. my booking was already confirmed. i left from my home to the colombo airportby rented vehicle on 27th april 2017 evening due to i had departure early morning at 01:35. when i was on the way to colombo airport from my home, i received a call from my ticketing agent that my flight was cancelled suddenly & they arranged new booking on 29th april 2017 at 06:15. then i was close to the colombo airport. but i was confused. however, i went to the airport & asked on fly dubai staff & they said that there were no any delay or cancelled. then i asked on them what the meaning of this& they requested me to inform to your office regarding this. i was so struggling there. then i asked hotel accommodation. but they refused grant hotel.

3. in the mean time i came to know my booking was rescheduling as 29th april 2017 at 06:15. by this situation i had to return my home. then i hired a van again to return home.

4. once again i left to colombo airport on the 28th april 2017 from my home where i hired another van.

5. i lost 2 days salary in my company.

6. by these incidents i had to spend huge amount of money unwantedly. those are as follows:

7. (a) 27/4/2017 van hired for slr 20, 000.00
8. (b) same day i returned to home & van hired for slr 24, 500.00. because your authorities in the colombo airport has refused to grant hotel accommodation.
9. (c) again i hired another van to airport for slr 20, 000.00
10. (d) in addition i lost 2 days salary qr 120.00

Dear sir/madam,
Please note that i had to spend extra slr 49, 000.00 unwantedly. when i inquired on the ticketing agent in doha regarding this, they said that fly dubai done this change& they requested me to claim my damage from you.
Therefore, please refund my damage slr 49, 000.00 in this my pathetic situation.
I have given above your doha ticketing agent’s contact details.

Thanks & regards,
Contact no: +[protected]

May 12, 2017

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