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Dear Mr/Mrs,

Insteed to choose another airline company, I choose Fly Dubai, because I was thinking that you are a good company, but unfortunately I was wrong about Fly Dubai.
PNR 7NVXPZ // we suppose to leave on 29 of december at 14:05 from Bucharest witz FZ 8796, our flight had delay ( we had 3H stopover in Dubai ) and of course that we couldnt catch the FZ 551 going to Colombo.
And from here start our nightmare with fly dubai : we arrive in dubai at 01:00 am, nobody help us, we stayed at terminal 2, waithing for somebody to give us a help. . . To know if we will spend the new year in dubai airport or in colombo, our destination.
A lady give us a voucher, but we want to mc to take 2 waters, and they inform us that only food we can take with the vouchers. . . Never in my life happen something like this.
I felt humiliated, lijke a s### in the rain.
We stayed in terminal 2 from 1am till 10 am, with the fear that we will not find any flight to colombo. I ask the personal from fly dubai to inform us if is possible to go to emirates business, and nobody knows nothing.
Like this you are treat the costomers ???
I can understand delays, but i will never understand the attitude towards the customer.
So: delay from otp airport 5 houres, lost the connection in dubai, and another 9 houres in terminal 2, and not even a appologise, only same bulls### vouchers for 10 euros. . .. Each. To buy what ???
This is not human what happen.

I will go against you for this treat.

Jan 13, 2017

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