FlyDubai / losing the flight because of a miscommunication and ignorance from customer care

Dubai, AE

I made a reservation for me and my family on Dec 2016 to travel to Amman on 25th March 2017 as there were sale at that time, our flight was on 12:25 pm, later I received an e-mail from fly Dubai that our trip time is changed to 11:40 am, and if we are not happy we can change, so I called the customer care and asked if possible to change to 23rd of March, the staff seems hesitated and he asked if we want to change only because of the 40 min earlier, we said if possible yes, so he said he will raise a request and will inform the customer care to call us, we waited but they didn't call so we assumed that our trip stayed the same, and since we hold diplomatic passports and the kinds do not have separate passports and all are added on my passport and we have cards for residency so we are not able to do check in online. Now we went to day to Al Maktum airport and arrived at 9:00 am there were only few passengers there, when we reach the counter the lady told us that she cant see our booking and when she checked said we booked on 23rd and we already missed the flight, I explained to her the situation, she called a responsible staff and till she reached us it was around 9:30, later she started do some calls, this takes till 10:15, then told us to go to the office, there we came to know that we have to call customer care if they can help and do a reservation for us, we called customer care and when we could reach them, counters were already closed and the lady told me that even if she will help the counter is closed and we missed the flight...all this time we spent on fly Dubai office waiting for customer care and nothing to do by the manager!!. even they start telling me that I did my reservation through an agent although I did it through fly Dubai website directly!!!
Later I came to know from the lady on customer service that the staff already raised the request for change and it was accepted, they called me twice on 2nd of March and I didn't reply and here their responsibility stops!!! this was the most strange justification I ever heard!! what if I had an urgent situation!!, usually I am very very busy, and depend on e-mails, why they couldn't send an e-mail or at least SMS?.. when fly Dubai has promotions or when the time of the plan changed, I received an e-mail so what changed this time? the lady told me that the customer care did their part and even if I will complain or even if I think to suit them there is no blame on the staff!!1 how this could be done in reputable airways?
I spent my life traveling with fly Dubai and I had a good impression about them till today...if you want really to remove responsibility from your shoulders at least you should send a written notification...but considering that a call which is not picked is enough ...this is not acceptable. now I am forced to book again with Jordanian Royal flight today night and I payed 7000 Dhs for this plus the feed I payed for Taxi to comeback to Al Nahda 1...I am totally unsatisfied with what happen, with the way the staff responses, the time they consumed before telling us that we have to call customer care...and that each of them tries to through us to another staff since they are helpless and can't do any thing for us!!!
Thus, kindly consider this as a complaint and I waiting for an effective action from your side as expected from international airlines
Our booking no. was "8TSZMN" e-mail is: [protected] and phone no. [protected].

Mar 25, 2017

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