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Flight fz 5142 from amman to dubai on saturday the 16th of july 2016 had been postponed for more than nine hours without any justification or explanation. I want compensation and justice for what happened and people responsible to be held accountable!


Jul 17, 2016
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      Jul 30, 2016

    I sent them the below email. Sorry it's long

    I booked a flight from Dubai to Amman on 16 July 2016, flight No. FZ -5141, scheduled to arrive to Amman on 14:10.

    Several unpleasant events happened that day, out of which:

    1. The flight should depart from DWC at 11:40, but it was delayed for 45 minutes without any explanation from your cabin crew.

    2. After departure, and half way through the flight (almost 1 hour) the captain announced that they found that there is a technical problem with the plane, and we have to turn back to Dubai.

    (one hour to Amman, technical issue with the plane, turning back to Dubai half way) all together did not add up.
    If there is a technical problem with the plane why didn't we land on the nearest airport?
    And if the plane can take us back to Dubai with this technical problem why didn't we continue to Amman?
    All these questions were asked by the passengers without any attempt from your cabin crew to answer, which led to a wave of panic among the passengers.

    3. While approaching DWC, your esteemed pilot announced that the technical issue was about the landing gear, and he will fly as low as possible so the control tower can see if the tyres are suitable for landing, then we'll take another round above the airport, at which he will update us on whether landing is possible or not.

    The plane started descending, then ascending again. After making a round, the pilot suddenly started the landing without any prior alert to the passengers (as he announced earlier) with the plane nose down, before adjusting the position of the plane for landing (on higher speed than usual) before final touch down.

    Meanwhile, all the passengers were giving there last prayers.
    I believe that the pilot behaved in unprofessional way, not comforting the passengers prior to landing that the plane was suitable for touch down without any issues.

    4. After landing, the doors were opened and we stayed on the plane for around 45 minutes, where we were given 3 different stories (by the same pilot):
    - The technical team will examine the plane, and within no time we will disembark from the plane.
    - After examining the plane, it seems that there is no technical issues with it, and it is being refueled for immediate departure.
    - It seems that there is some more issues should be checked, and we need more time to decide whether we will fly again with the same plane or not.

    All the above was happening while the temperatures inside were approaching 45 degrees (as it is outside), with no water provided to passengers or any kind of air conditioning.
    All passengers were really in discomfort, babies started crying, with their mothers crying, and one old lady was about to faint, when some passengers started shouting on the cabin crew that we need to go of the plane immediately. Only then we were allowed to disembark to the buses.

    5. After leaving the buses, it took the staff in the airport another half an hour to collect all boarding passes, which all took place in an open area (no air condition).

    6. At the airport, and after more than an hour waiting, one staff (only one staff) from FlyDubai came to communicate with the passengers about what will be the next step; whether we will fly at the same day or he we will be rescheduled for another day(s), and without offering any explanations on what have already happened (especially turning back half way instead of continuing to Amman).

    7. After lots of promises (that didn't happen) and long waiting, we boarded (on the same plane) around 20:30 (almost 9 hours delay), and again stayed more than 45 minutes before closing the doors and moving (as the new pilot announced that all the luggage were off loaded and being loaded again.

    The new pilot announced that the company is sorry for the delay, and he was not aware about whatever happened in the morning, and if any of the passengers has anything to say about it we can directly complain against the company (which emphasized that some of the decisions taken by FlyDubai and there staff, including the first pilot, were merely misjudgment on the situation, especially the return to Dubai).

    I have been flying with FlyDubai for many years now, whee everything was running peacefully, but all what I described above shows clearly that FlyDubai staff / plots / cabin crew are NOT well trained and ready when any emergency happens. All the events happened that day shows that in case of emergency, the staff are not trained, not organized, no definite procedures are followed, decisions improvised on impulses of instinct rather than defined process, showing lack of experience, no enough attention was given from the higher management, while the other pilot is encouraging on making a complaint.

    (Everybody is beautiful when the Sun is shining. It is in the darkness when you know the worth of people, who is real and who is reliable).

    I am sorry to say that I'm really disappointed with the events that happened that day, and it will be really difficult for me to continue flying with FlyDubai.

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