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My experience with Florence's Enterprise through was terrible and i would urge others to avoid purchasing anything from Florence. I had ordered a new item, and what i received was clearly used and damaged to the point of being worthless. Twice i notified Florence's Enterprise of the problem and have yet to receive a response.

Although complaints have been filed with both and Google Checkout, there is still no response from Florence's Enterprise.

The item i purchased is a hand held sewing machine. The crippling damage to the item could not have been due to shipping since the broken power switch is recessed. The real problem is that this item was knowingly "used" and broken; as evidenced by the fact that it came fully assembled with mounted bobbins, thread and a half stitched practice rag caught in mid stitch; bound in a tangled mess into the needle mechanism of the machine.

The previous users practice cloth was ragged and dirty; the machine similarly blemished and scratched. The machine was inoperable due to a clearly damaged power switch. It looks like the switch broke in mid stitch, perhaps due to anger management problems when the jammed and tangled practice rag got caught up in the needle mechanism. Looks like the previous owner simply slapped it back in the box to be resold by Florence's Enterprise as a "NEW" item.

I definitely would not purchase anything from Florence's Enterprise in the future. And i would advise others to avoid any dealings with Florence's Enterprise, also doing business at


Purchased from:
Florence's Enterprises
596 Gresham Avenue
Sunnyvale CA 94085

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  • Ho
      Dec 18, 2009

    I'm on the other hand had a totally different experience with Florence. I purchased MAC cosmetic from Florence Enterprise and like the seller alot for authentic products, fast shipment, quick response, and great price. I disagree 100% with your comment.

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