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CouponCabin / fraudulently deletes accounts and will lie to authorities to avoid paying legitimately earned money

Sep 18, 2019

CouponCabinI was a CouponCabin member for several years. In December, 2018, I got a member only offer for $75 at These offers are very difficult to get as there are usually a handful available, and there is a countdown timer. They are gobbled up in less than a second. I considered myself...

CouponCabin / cash back

Aug 06, 2019

CouponCabinToday when I'm trying to open the app, suddenly showing my account is inactive due to violation of one or more of CouponCabin's policies and, as a result, is no longer active. I don't understand why of a sudden? It works fine before, but not after I claimed $200 cash back deal from Amazon...

CouponCabin / let me just say, have never dealt with more insensitive customer service

May 24, 2019

It was shown to me that providing me with information was a complete waste of the team leader's time, explaining that I suffer from a medical memory loss due to epilepsy, leaving me struggling to recall my account details, resulting in automatic labeling and treatment as someone trying to...

CouponCabin / payment not received

May 04, 2019

CouponCabin terminated my account on Jan. 16th after I expressed a legal concern regarding their lack of transparency. I had $76.86 pending in my account at that time. Sydney K., the customer service rep who terminated my account, told me that a final check would be processed within 10...

[Resolved] CouponCabin / incredibly tricky way of not actually paying the cashback

Jan 31, 2019

I have to give major credit where it is due: Coupon Cabin is a genius scam. They are not doing anything illegal, but they have figured out a brilliant loophole to rip off their users. I received an offer for "purchase $100 on Amazon and get $100 back". I completed the purchase with Amazon and...

CouponCabin / my account was closed without valid reason or explanation.

Jan 21, 2019

I am having huge issues with coupon cabin too. I had well over $100 in my account, I would refer everyone to use CC. and then suddenly they closed my account and accused me of fraud, said I severely violated their terms of use but would not tell me how. i assume its b/c i logged into my...

CouponCabin / account terminated without explanation

Jan 17, 2019

I'm seeing a lot of these messages, so I doubt I'll get anything more than a useless, generic response from CouponCabin, but here goes. This morning at 12 am I received an email that payment method for my CouponCabin account had been changed twice and confirming that I made those change...

[Resolved] CouponCabin / customer service / policy transparency

Jan 16, 2019

They flagged my account for what they deemed "unnatural activity." Additionally, due to this flagging, they would no longer allow me to receive my cashback electronically (through Paypal, for example) and would only send me paper checks. When I inquired about these problems, they refused...

[Resolved] CouponCabin / scam, don’t trust.

Jan 05, 2019

I used Coupon Cabin over the 2018 holiday season and had $125 in pending cash back owed me. Coupon Cabin, without warning, cancelled my account due to "severe abuse of their policies" - as unbeknownst to me someone used my WiFi/IP address to also click on Coupon Cabin Member offers. They...

[Resolved] CouponCabin / couponcabin customer service blocked my ip cant even contact support to get help

Nov 28, 2018

i have been a member since nov 27 2015 and know im getting kick off on the same day i signed to be a member i dont even know what happened i tried to contact CouponCabin but all i got was that i (repeatedly and severely violating the CouponCabin Terms and Conditions to which you have...

[Resolved] CouponCabin / amazon coupons

Nov 26, 2018

Cabin Coupons frequently offers amazing Amazon coupons for hundreds of dollars, but the catch is, there is only a limited number of coupons. With that in mind for the last 3 months I have participated in the countdown until the coupons are offers and at the exact moment the offer is live, I...

[Resolved] CouponCabin / worst customer service i've ever experienced

Nov 18, 2018

My daughter introduced me to coupon cabin earlier this year. It wasn't long after I joined that I was awarded a $75 cash back on a $75 purchase at Walmart. I followed all the rules and restrictions, made my purchase and patiently waited for my cash back. (3 months) Ironically, just a few...

[Resolved] CouponCabin / fake cash back scam

Nov 12, 2018

Made a large purchase with coupon cabin's claim of cash back. They logged my use of their coupon link but claimed a different mystery website claimed my cash back and there's nothing they can do. Complete and utter scam. They're paid for clicks, but don't pay their clients. There are legit...

[Resolved] CouponCabin / account status

Nov 01, 2018

i am new to coupon cabin and have signed up for an account; however they closed my account without informing me why until i attempted to log in. this is their reason for closing my account 'Our security system has identified your account as having a substantial and highly unusual number of...

[Resolved] CouponCabin / cash back scam

Sep 15, 2018

CouponCabinI was looking for a coupon for Puffs facial tissues and came across CouponCabin's cash back deal ($2). After I submitted my receipt and got confirmation back that they had credited my account for the $2, I then find out you can't get the money until you reach a threshold of $7, meaning you...

[Resolved] CouponCabin / friend referral leading to his account deactivated

Sep 10, 2018

I visited a friend recently and I used to talk about my good experience with coupon cabin. So he asked me more about it, I log in to my account, show him around the site and he likes it. He made his own account and browse around until he found his New Member Offer. He took it to buy a good...

CouponCabin / theft scam company

Sep 06, 2018

I've been a CouponCabin member for more than one year, making them and me tons of money. I recently got a new wifi company and tried to log in to my account, USING THE SAME DEVICE AS ALWAYS, to make another purchase. I couldnt get in and then found out that it had been deactivated due to...

CouponCabin / couponcabin

Sep 04, 2018

I have used CouponCabin for quite some time and never had a problem, until now. On Sunday, September 2, 2018, I received an e-mail from CouponCabin informing me that the first 8 who clicked through would be offered $100 off a $100+ purchase at I monitored the time closely and...

[Resolved] CouponCabin / revoked cash back/ horrible service

Sep 02, 2018

I made a purchase using a 50 off 50 at Express. It worked until 5 days later when I visited my parents and connected to their wifi to watch Netflix. My account was deactivated without notice and I was falsely accused of creating multiple acounts because my sister has an account and live...

CouponCabin / account deactivated and all cash back stolen by couponcabin based on lies

Aug 27, 2018

CouponCabinLike many others on this Complaint Board, I recently tried to log in to my CouponCabin account to make a purchase, only to see that my account was deactivated because of phony "violations" that did not happen. When trying to resolve what is obviously some kind of error by CouponCabin...

[Resolved] CouponCabin / access restricted

Aug 27, 2018

CouponCabinIt says my account is restricted but I don't know why. I followed all their rules and did what I was supposed to. I bought items and received cash back for them like the company states. I had $3 I'm my account but hadn't transferred it yet and now when I go to log in to my account, the...

[Resolved] CouponCabin / this company is a scam! avoid it.

Aug 22, 2018

I'm done with this company as they've screwed me over for the last time. I was one of 8 who clicked on a $50 offer and won. I immediately went to the vendor (carefully following all the rules in their fine print) to make a $225 purchase and fought like hell again to get my cash back to no...

[Resolved] CouponCabin / account disabled in error

Aug 20, 2018

My account was closed due to violating the terms and conditions. After several emails asking what I did exactly, I was told another account on the same IP address redeemed offers for New Members only. I explained that was not possible as my internet is secure (unless it got hacked). I...

[Resolved] CouponCabin / access restricted

May 29, 2018

5/29/2018. I have been using coupon cabin since december and have had not complaints then I recommended my daughter to the site while she was visiting. She connected to our wifi in our house while she was here. Now I can't log into couponcabin with my computer and my account is locked and...

[Resolved] CouponCabin / account deactivated with over $230 cashback pending

May 21, 2018

I've had my couponcabin account since 2015 and now my account is being deactivated because their "system" is having a malfunction or error. I have valid purchases and receipts from all the companies I've purchased from. It makes no sense, you go to couponcabin and just "click" on the...

[Resolved] CouponCabin / account disabled

Apr 06, 2018

4/5/2018 My friend recommended me to coupon cabin. I have been using it for a month. I went over to her house yesterday and used her WIFI on my phone. I logged into couponcabin with my phone and now both of our accounts are locked and disabled. We contacted them to explain but, they have such...

[Resolved] CouponCabin / deactivated my account claiming I had several

Mar 21, 2018

I placed an order with Bealls after winning a 50.00 coupon. When i went to put in my payment info my grown Daughters acct came up. When i attempt to place it under the email (mine which i placed it with) it deactivates my acct claiming violation of services. I JUST set up this acct. I DO...

[Resolved] CouponCabin / blocked account/ failure to pay

Mar 17, 2018

I opened my account a few months ago, I do online shopping a lot! And I was using EBATES for five years and everything was just fine and very smooth. Now I feel so regret that I switch to Coupon Cabin. I live with my husband and we also have a roommate live in the same household. I...

[Resolved] CouponCabin / did not provide service

Feb 22, 2018

I used them for years. After a year I noticed a lot of my credits didn't get verified so I lost a few hundred dollars that way. The scam happened when I went through them for my sandals purchase and should have seen $199.55 from CouponCabin into my account. I followed their instruction...

[Resolved] CouponCabin / failure to pay

Feb 18, 2018

My account has been blocked by coupon cabin for supposedly violating one of their policies. I recently activated one of their members only offers ($75.00 off $ 75.00 @ jcpenny). I have complied with all of their policies and have tried to contact them numerous times. I have had no...

[Resolved] CouponCabin / account locked

Jan 15, 2018

A few days ago I claimed a members cashback offer on my computer in my home. I was going to use it soon, but my computer actually stopped working. I had to take it to the apple store that same day, where they determined that they would have to take the computer for a few days. After that...

CouponCabin / my account was cancelled because their system "[mis]identified multiple accounts"

Jan 08, 2018

As you can see from their boilerplate response below, I've had my CouponCabin account since 2014. Back then, they weren't even doing cashback like MrRebates or Ebates, but were just making discount coupons available. The *only* time I tried to use it in 2014, the coupon they provided did...

[Resolved] CouponCabin / things could have been handled differently

Dec 27, 2017

I used couponcabin a lot and I would still recommend it. But I would advice everyone to go through their terms and conditions as they are very different from other cash back services. Like many other, I never read terms and conditions. So, ended up violating one which says account accessed...

[Resolved] CouponCabin / beware, they are running a scam!

Dec 26, 2017

I received a 100$ coupon from them for on 24th Nov. After claiming the offer it never showed up in my account for 10 days...then after raising a complaint with them they were able to to resolve it and show my cashback later. Now they have started a new drama suddenly where they...

CouponCabin / false accusations of multiple accounts

Nov 27, 2017

My account was deactivated because I was falsely accused of claiming multiple new member offers. I only have less than $5 in cashback, so the money does not matter to me. However, the frustration of being wronged without an apology is extremely intolerable. This is only one account in my...

CouponCabin / account deactivated

Nov 23, 2017

I was very happy with couponcabin, been using them for a while, no complaints, and actually thought they were one of the better cash back websites. Out of nowhere (right after I earned a large 'members only' cashback), my account is locked and deactivated due to "multiple accounts being...

[Resolved] CouponCabin / they stole my money

Nov 10, 2017

For an unknown reason, they disabled my account with all of the money I had. Before this, I bought something for a very good price and got a big reward. And then they blocked me. I tried to contact them, but they never replied. Today I saw they closed their website. Probably they just...

CouponCabin / not given cash back

Nov 05, 2017

My account had over $100 scheduled to be paid in November. Interesting that my account was cancelled in November just before I was supposed to receive my cash back. Such a scam and so shady. They cited that I "violated the terms and conditions." I had a friend over at my house and I showed...

[Resolved] CouponCabin / (un) successful customer service/deleted my account.

Oct 30, 2017

This was my experience after I had some questions... The customer (un)successful manager took it personally and ended my year long membership because she felt bummed and hopelessly frustrated! You think you are earning from this site.. But when they figure you are earning more they will...

[Resolved] CouponCabin / scam.. beware of using couponcabin.. will not pay cash backs!!!

Oct 20, 2017

I accumulated over $160 in cash back during my one year membership. Suddenly, when I went to check on my account, it has been deactivated due to violation of terms and conditions. I was never notified of any violation and their plan to deactivate my account. My purchases made through the...