FlixBusbus never came, and they refuse to refund the ticket

M Aug 15, 2018

I bought a ticket for a Flixbus from Oakland, CA to Sacramento, CA, that was supposed to depart at 8:10 AM, Monday August 14. I arrived at the stop, exactly where they told me to wait on their provided map, at 7:55 AM. Another passenger was already there, also waiting for the Sacramento bus. We waited together until 9:45 AM. No Sacramento bus ever came. Another Flixbus stopped at 8:45, heading for LA, and boarded passengers. Two Mega buses also came to that stop. Our bus simply never came. There was no information on the website or through the notification service about where our bus might be.

When I contacted customer service, they claimed their GPS system recorded the bus as being "there" from 8:12 to 8:20. Well, I was there, physically and with another passenger, and there is absolutely no way that the Sacramento bus stopped at our stop at that time. I have three possible explanations: one, the company is lying to me; two, the company gave their driver the wrong address for the Oakland stop; or three, the company provided me with wrong address for the Oakland stop. Although, since a different Flixbus stopped at that location, it makes no sense to me that I would have been at the wrong place. In all three scenarios, the company is at fault. All I want is a refund of my ticket price. But I will NEVER use this company's services again.

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