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I bought my tickets with flight hub for $5008 Canadian and some health emergency happened and I couldn't travel I provide all my dr notes and finally they said they will charged me for $250 Canadian and they will refund my money for$4008 and they emailed me to confirm my payment, after my flight date they call back and said they want to charge me for $ 180 per passenger more and I had fight with them .they still didn't refund my money and I am in legal action with them I hope some authority and government organization take care of this fraud other wise they will enjoy of stealing people money

Dec 27, 2015
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      May 25, 2016

    Similar thing happened to me... I booked a flight and it stated it would be $403 including tax before my transaction; then, after my transaction, I found that they charged me $525! I called the agent and told them what happened to me. The supervisor asked me to read through carefully and said like I was supposed to pay $525 instead of $403 originally. She did not even say sorry!

    I checked the website and I could still see the price for most of tickets were written as $403. I asked her to refund the money then she said that I cannot get my money back unless I pay for the penalty which cost like $100. I told her " I cannot deal with you no more since you avoid solving the problems and blame me for the cause instead of realizing your company's fault."

    I called the bank and explained what happened to me. The bank agent told me that he felt sorry for what happened to me; He then asked me to call the company's agent again since it might take a while to be processed.

    I checked the website after 1 hour and I found that they fixed the prices...

    Rather, I found that the company wrote the price in USD instead of CAD... USD was written very tiny and in a white colour. How can I catch that?
    The flight was within Canada so they should write the price in CAD, not USD!

    They also pretend like they are selling the tickets cheaper than any other companies (i.e., up to 80% sales) ; this is not true and they should stop false advertising !

    All I experienced from the company was this : 1) Unexpected charge 2) Blaming the client for the cause instead of realizing their mistakes or fault 3) Rude or unprofessional customer services

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