Flexi Club / Bullied and threatened into paying for an oversubscribed lifetime membership

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This is most probably the only supplier who does not want his own 'product' back -even if it is returned for free!! Points sales and levies derived from NEW lifetime memberships are clearly the drivers for sustaining this lucritive bussiness venture -very similar to a pirimid scheme you might say? Companies like these should be exposed and taken to task!

If you are lumped with your lifetime purchhase and have run-out of of options, I suggest that everyone lodging an official complaint also copies ALL of the following Watchdogs i.e. National Consumer Forum, South African National Consumer Forum and the Department of Trade and Industry .

These institutions will very quickly realize the magnitude of this problem and how consumers are continually being ***, bullyied and threatened into paying for an oversubscribed lifetime membership.

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  • Ta
      Oct 07, 2010

    How about organising ourselves to fight these tricksters. I have been fighting them since 1998, as they are still trying to bully me into submission and accept a rushed contract that clearly has too many open ends. They stooped so low that they even resorted to fraudulently adding information on their copy of the contract so that it meets the minimum requirements as stipulated by the National Credit Act. if intrested, [protected]

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  • Tu
      May 30, 2011

    I believe you have a point there and i am definitely interested. I am refusing to pay FlexiClub over R6800.00 in the so-called club fees especially after i notified them i do no want their product anymore when i setlled the previous year fees. Is there anybody out there who could perhaps give this a broad public media coverage so that we could expedite the process of fighting these bullies. There is a posibility a whole lot of people are discontent about FlexiClub, worse still, as we speak people are still being tricked into the same predicament we find ourselves in. Even if we do not get the desired result at least a whole lot of potential "investors" would know the implications of concluding a business transaction with FlexiClub. It is for the very same reason that the Consumer Protection Act No 68 of 2008 was passed and i strongly believe that we have a case for Flexi to answer in that one of the purposes of this Act is to protect consumers from (i) unconscionable, unfair, unreasonable, unjust or otherwise improper trade practices; and (ii) deceptive, misleading, unfair or fraudulent conduct. The might be arguments about the applicability of this Act in this particular case but i believe the intent of the Act is clear and that is something that needs further exploration in order to curb this deplorable conduct.

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  •   Nov 09, 2011

    This company dont want it back free or otherwise, but i will let them inherit it in a will.

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  •   Nov 09, 2011

    Who is the owners of this well thought up scams, cant the government get involved in this.I was told at the presentation how good it will be to own it, no problems they said an investment to pass on to your children.everything went good we agreed no hidden agendas i asked, no i was told.only 1000 points, then we signed, sounded lucrative, then 2weeks after we had signed they brought our contract i asked can i take it to someone to explain it to us, No it is just a formality that they had explained, just initial every page it is only a formality he said. I was so unhappy because i wanted to still take it to someone to explain but i was not allowed to remove it from the premises without signing it. I never did understand the jargon in it and just threw it in the box at home.mostly because i am not a univercity degreed or educated person.This was the worst sukker punch that hit me.kapow.

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