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Complaints & Reviews

Inept accounts dept

Since 2008 I have been trying to get the accounts department to correct my account. They omitted to take off two payments which came off my bank account and they have the cheek to charge interest on an amount that I dont even owe! Nobody ever returns my phone calls or bothers to fix their mistake! I am so sick and tired of this! What do I have to do to get this matter resolved !!!???!!!


We have been trying to cancel our membership with Flexi Club since October 2009. We have not used thi...

Selling and fees

Hi. I bought a package from flexiclub years ago. The fees have become rediciulous. I sent them a request in July 2009 saying that I want to sell and terminate my membership. They then said that at their last board meeting it was decided that Flexiclub would no longer buy back membership as was stated in the origanal presentation (that I attended and signed). I don't think they can just decide to change things like that ?
I also informed them that with my wanting to terminate my membership It will therefor not be necsasary nor logical to pay 2010 fees.
Much later they e-mailed me to say that I must try Supreme Vacation Resale Dept because they deal with them. I immediately then phoned them to sell everything asap. After about another month I called them again to hear if there had been any response sofar. they said no. I then instructed the sales lady to give it away for free, as long as I could just be rid of them
So it went on... But then on end of Oct 2009 fees for 2010 started going of from my dank account. I went and stopped the debitorder immediately. ( as I told them in July2009 already). The first offer was made by them on 15Jan2010. That was premeditated ! ! Cause now they're holding back the accepted sale until 2010's fees are fully paid up.
This can not be right nor acceptable. Please help. What can I do ?

  • Mr
    Mr/Mrs O & B Hill Sep 07, 2010

    Dear Ms Grobler,
    We sympathise - We were sold Flexiclub 4 or 5 years ago. We were told by the saleslady that a) They would sell our points, on our behalf, if we so wished - and b) We would be able to re-purchase our Pinelake units ( The resort has just been wound up) if we wished, in spite of how the contract was worded. Both have proved untrue.

    We tried to re-purchase last year and were told by a Ms Krause that our weeks were worth less tha R100- each - possibly as little as R10- each - for them to transfer them back into our names would cost R750- per week. We checked with GRC Resorts how much would be paid out for our 2 weeks and were given a figure of just short of R5, 000- each (which F/club, as the titleholdrs have now presumably received). When we said we wished to go ahead anyway they refused in spite of her indication that it was possible.
    We then asked to resign and have been refused repeatedly. This carried on into this year when, guess what, they said we could apply for resignation if we paid this years fees. We of course refused and, at the moment, in spite of sending a registered letter in May (which has not been replied to) to the management/Trustees explaining that they could still make a profit (our unused user fees & R10, 000- from GRC) by just accepting, all we have received are the same demands repeated by a Miss Moodley and a phone call from some purported lawyer saying that we would be taken to court if we did not pay. Needless to say, if they are stupid enough to continue this way and waste their money, that is there own business. We refuse to deal with liars.

    As regards fees - ours have gone up by just short of 25% PA. We live in the UK and available weeks are pathetic and full of extra charges - We can holiday at more suitable places for far less.
    In addition we have always paid up front to earn the early payment discount. They have kept changing the rules as to how this works without informing us, or informing us too late, and we have had to fight every year, after the first, to get the discount, just giving up and losing it one year.

    Their communication is almost non-existent. They don't reply to emails, they don't receipt them and they don't institute instructions such as changes of address (This was why we lost the one year's discount). They are probably the most disinterested, disorganised firm we have ever had the misfotune of having to deal with.
    We have kept all communications with them (and the amount of unanswered/unreceipted emails is in the hundreds) and, if it ever came to court, would be able to demonstrate what kind of firm they are and how they are quit happy to misinform their clients.

    I don't know if you would want to adopt our approach but, the more people that do, the sooner these people will be exposed.

    I wish you luck and would be interested to hear how you get on.

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I have been a member for a number of years, but do not reside in south Africa anymore and therefore have no need for the product anymore. My family have left the country with me and I can therefore not transfer the product to them either. I have requested that the product be cancelled. My product has been fully paid for 2009 - I didn't even use my last benefits because we had left. They have refused my cancellation and relied on this clause: We draw your attention to the Certificate of Purchase, Point 16 which states:
"I understand that this application is subject to approval by the Club and Vacation Properties and that should I wish to alter or withdraw this application, I should do so by giving written notice to the Club and Vacation Properties within 5 (FIVE) working days..."

and "we refer you to point 12 on the Certificate of Purchase which clearly states:

"I understand that points purchased are an investment in future holidays and are not primarily purchased for capital gain on resale".

This is unacceptable since I am not stopping membership after a short term OR because I want to achieve some form of capital gain.

Flexi club have not responded to these questions:

1. The portion of my contract that states that I may not cease to be a member (AT ALL ANYRTIME IN THE FUTURE). The 5 day period refers to a cooling off period. Does the contract indicate anywhere that you will go on paying for something and being part of an everlasting deal. No deal can be so set in stone. We (our family) moved out of South Africa on 31 March 2009 and now have Permanent Residency Status in Australia. I have no need for the product, at all. We did not realize we were going to leave and that was why I paid my 2009 usercharges in advance so that we could actually utilize our points. That didn’t materialize and we practically could not use our points. No or in future. EVER

2. The section in my contract that explains in what way I have not already had the benefit of an investment in future holidays (ie when do you regard my expenses and use of the points to actually be an investment)

The fact that when making bookings the charges have been considerably lower through my membership with the Club as opposed to if you had to make bookings through private concerns is irrelevant to my request to cancel. One takes out membership of the points-system holidays to obtain the benefit of the booking, variety, convenience and obviously costs.

They stated that membership is an investment in future holidays and implying that that was a reason why I may NOT stop membership in the short term. Initially we were members of Magic Breakaways which was later taken over by Flexi Club. So we’ve had the benefit for more than 10 years now and I believe that we had a considerable “investment in future holidays” and yes we did use our points a number of times. Please explain how we have not already had the benefit of an investment in future holidays ? and why that means we cannot cancel our membership?

If the point are so valuable why dont they but them back? I dont want to make a profit. What happened to market value?

3. The section in my contract where it explains how/when in my case I primarily purchased (Flexiclub) for capital gain or resale".

They merely referred me to the previous correspondence and the section in the contract, ie "I understand that points purchased are an investment in future holidays and are not primarily purchased for capital gain on resale" as many members are of the impression that they can sell their memberships for capital gain.

Again, I believe that we have NOT diverted from that in any way. (See my question in 2.) We are not wanting to sell for capital gain. The fact that we have been using our points and are fully paid for 2009 and have credit available is proof of that. We don’t have a choice now.

  • I think you should drop the whole contract bit and just stop paying... What's the worst they can do to you? Money owed in one country does not follow you to another country. They are not going to track you down in Australia - unless you told them where you are which I hope you didn't... Just stop paying!!!

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Flexi club cancellation

I have been trying to cancel my flexi club account now for a year, as they lied to us on the presentation. i...

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Locked into membership for life

I am having great difficulty in owning these time shares of Flexi-Club. Firstly, I have to pay an annual...

Hidden costs

When I joined flexi club I was told only about the monthly fees and a "user charge"... To be paid when I wanted to go on holiday.
Now I get letters from them telling me about yealy fees... Amounting to thousands.
I just don't have that kind of money. I need your help/advice on how to deal with this problem

  • No
    Nondumiso Dec 05, 2013

    I phoned Pine Town in South Africa 5 minutes ago, to get the information about how to join Flexi Club. She woman who was there completely receive to give me the information. She said she wants the lady who is joining the club to phone. I said I want this informtion because I will be the one to pay for her. however I am the member of holiday access after 3 years I will upgrade it to be Flexi. She was so rude that I could not get any information. This kind of behaviour is not acceptable. I also believe that there is a hidden agenda here. I have got a friend who is finding herself paying almost R2000.00 a month when she was never told that she was going to pay such a bidg amount a month when she was joining. If this company is not a bit crafty why is there no information in your web about how you sell this Flexi. Why do you have to spend a lot of money phoning Pine Town and after all that you will never get a good answer. Can you send me this information as soon as possible otherwise I will know that you are not trustworthy. Everybody that I know who has joined this club is complaining. I am serious but I will give you my email address only if you are willing to send me the information and if the information is right you can get more customers. But if you sell hope I will take you to court.

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User charge

I contacted flexi club's offices to enquiry why my statement reflects a subdstantial smaller amount under user charges than what was paid over to them. The answer was that my money had expired. Kinldy explain to me how money paid over to flexi club as provisional user charges expires and what happens to all this expired money as I am sure that i'm not the only member with expired monies???


  • Nb
    NBC Sep 10, 2009









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  • Gr
    Greg7 Mar 02, 2010

    I have had similar issues with Flexi-Club. I was told that they will not answer any corespondance until I paid the account. Once I paid they ignored me. I have emails and fax proof that they simply do not respond. We bought into flexi-club to go to the Sun City vacation club. We bought the correct amount of point for a Xmas week, the next year we were told that we did not have enough point. The following year we were told that they are no longer linked to the Sun City Vacation Club.
    Hell I will give my points away to anyone that wants them free of charge!

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  • Ro
    Rory Halse Feb 16, 2011

    I have been a flexi club member for about 6 years.I have occasionally been able to go away to a resort of my choice, but most times cannot get accommodation at my choice of resorts.I have endless problems with customer service, The big Boss Mr Lamont never answers correspondence and it is extremely diffiult to talk to a manager.

    I have had enough of the poor service, increasing costs and the nonsense that goes on with this club.They Lie at presentations and anyone thinking of joining is strongly advised not to.This is not an investment its theft.

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  • Ni
    niSim Alkalay Jul 30, 2011

    stop pay them they are scums just stop and walk away.

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  • Ni
    niSim Alkalay Jul 30, 2011

    In fact all Flexi Club members need and should to take a stand and create association against Flexiclub and simply sue them to the ground.
    Flexi Club is an organisation that unlawfully con people to buy in to their skim (trap) with no exit option as in the contract that they offer (the small letters and the deceiving sells man), it is un heard of embarrassingly shocking and totally uncivilised deal, the fact that members sign in without knowing what it is all about does not mean it’s the end of the road for the members or the individuals. Yet it may be costly to sue Flexi club but it’s imperative to put end to them and the rest of the other organisation that follow the same suit.
    First step stop paying them and next get togather to sue them and demand all your mony back.

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  • estelleben Nov 09, 2011

    user cost and furnishings we have to pay as if it is our property like hell, i cant put my finger on the property, i just have to give so the rich can enjoy,

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  • estelleben Nov 09, 2011

    i will give this points to anyone who will have it for free this is a curse from hell.why cant we leave a club, clubs can be cancelled, cant it.

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  • Ro
    Rory Halse Nov 09, 2011

    Bunch of conmen...Especially Mr Lamont

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I would like to join all the other suckers who have been duped by Flexi Club.
We had our points with another timeshare company CRI as well as being members of RCI and in all the time we were members of these clubs we were able every year to swop our points for a holiday in various parts of the world without any problems. Until that fateful telephone call from Flexi Club promising us so much more, and their fast talking rep. Van zyl Meiring. I rue the day I was persuaded to "upgrade" at considerable expense I may add. Like some of you I queried the interest that was added every month to my statement with unsatisfactory results, even though a Debt Order had been signed. Is there no Ombudsman we can appeal to?

  • La
    Laura May 04, 2009

    Knowing one is not the only one complaing makes one feel better after sharing ones frustrations with others who have the same complaints.

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  • El
    Elizabeth Susan de Beer Aug 06, 2010

    We've had exactly the same experience. Also member of CRi and RCI and received good service then. With us the persuasion was of another kind. The rep actually told us that CRI is going to go bankrupt and if we do not change, we will loose everything ! Also paid a lot of money just to let them "take over our points" ! We had three good weeks in high season before - now, if we want to exchange two good weeks, our more than R8000 per year levy is not even enough to cover the "expenses" . Now you have to sit one whole day trying to phone their offices just to get your hands on a good week ! What rubbish ! Total rip-off . Don't ever buy from them ! Susan de Beer, Namibia

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  • Bo
    boniswa Jul 28, 2011

    i was also mislead. i contacted my lawyer who wrote them a lette for cancellation but all in vain . they say i am contcted to them for life

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  • Bo
    boniswa Jul 28, 2011

    was also mislead. I contacted my lawyer who wrote them a letter( flxi club) for cancellation but all in vain . they say i am contracted to them for life

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Services and respond to problems

My name is Gys Lourens and e-mail address is [protected]@mokabi.co.za.My account 080866 was for any other reason stopped/cancel and after a briefcase of e-mails and a cell phone bill that you don`t want to see, nothing was done yet.I am trying as from June 2008 to sort out my account after I had booked a holiday and enjoyed it at La Montagne in Balito.I wish I can sent you the e-mails that I have sent and the replies/promises I have recieved and I is still nowhere.I can also give you al the names and e-mail addresses with whom I tried to solve the problem.

We can not talk about service at Flexi Club because there is nothing to talk about.After all we as members are paying indirectly the people in the offices their salary, if there were no members, there would be no club.What are they doing behind the desks if problems are not solved of the members.This is pathetic and I do believe that I am the only member with this complain.


  • Pr
    Pravesh Ramisur Apr 22, 2010

    I can understand all the complaints posted on the net about Flexi Holiday. What the salespeople say during their presentations is merely to dupe you into buying the points on offer. After having purchased points in about 2002, i am now told that i need to buy more points because my points purchased are insufficient to enjoy a holiday. It will now cost me an additional R14000 to buy more points, but these new points cannot be added on to the old points bought! What codswallop!

    As for their service, this does not exist. You can never get them on line to make a booking. If you do get through, you are informed that booking season for that period is closed/yet to open. I went personally to their offices in Pinetown in 2008to enquire about accommodation in Mauritius in december 2008. The manageress promised that the Mauritius club official will contact me about this. We have enjoyed the holiday at great cost to ourselves yet this cost could have been much lower if we received co-operation from flexi holiday. I had the points to use at the time. However, to this date, the call from the Mauritius rep, is still forthcoming. Talk about customer service!


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Failure to deliver service as agreed.

These people are hoaxces and swindel people into buying pionts at great costs and promise annual holidays. Since 2004 they were unable to provide 1 suitable resort or holiday but demand levys such as refurbishing etc. without being bable to accomodate tehe pionts owner. Its a [censored]ing scheme and should be stopped.

  • Pi
    Pieter le Roux May 03, 2009


    I've just been sued for non-payment. This after they admitted that they failed to register me as a user for TWO YEARS, despite taking payment a mere 3 days after I signed the contract.

    I wont pay fees (and INTEREST on fees) on a service that I never received.

    In fact, this is a "service" I dont want at all.

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  • Mo
    monwai Oct 16, 2009

    They just deducted R2 285.00 for fees yesterday without informing me i mean nothing. These people must be stopped otherwise we will never know what we working for.

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  • Hv
    H van der Merwe Jan 30, 2011

    Mr Wright van Roodepoort van Jhb het my kom sien en na 3mnde wag ek steeds vir hom.Wil punte weggee net om ontslae te raak daarvan hy sou iets kon reel.Nou is hy dood.ek wil nie die goed he nie is n pensioenaris dit kos my al prokureurs en nog niks positief nie. kan ons nie n gesamentlike prokureur kry en dan verbruikersraad toe gaan nie daar is n nuwe wet waar hulle nie kan weier nie werk soos met huiskoop en jy nie meer kan betaal nie.Hierdie mense kom almal te na en om jou naam skoon te hou betaal jy maar net.

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  • Ge
    Geraldine Crowster Feb 01, 2011

    Complete dissatified with the service we have received. Paid over R4000.- for points and was promised 2000 free points. Never received this. Each time I book for a holiday they are fully booked and they want to inform me when I should go on holiday (outside Peak times). Tried to book again today after receiving brochures regards bonus breaks and special offers. They have nothing available for me. SO WHEN DO I UTILISE MY POINTS. I was now told can only book for December to March next year. So what if I cannot make it for this holiday, do I lose my points. Would like to terminate this contract with immediate effect, was told I now have to pay another R7673, 63 no idea what this is for. Have not evern utilised the points that I should have received. Being transferred from one person to the next, They do not respond to me emails or phone calls. Could someone please give me advice as to how I can terminate? Accommodation is frightfully expensive, I cannot afford these even with the points. PLEASE HELP Cell No. 0733998174

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  • De
    Debbie Kadalie Dec 07, 2011

    I fully agree with this disgusting service!!!, they want to hand you over so quickly for non payment. I have a situation were one of their consultants forged my signature, I sent them e-mail and phoned them and just wasted so much money trying to set the record straight. They came back to me and told me that I will be refunded and that never happened!!! Now they want to hand me over for something I never ever agreed to. Can anyone tell me what I can do about this because I'm in the U.K. and unemployed which I have also communicated to them, I never had any problems with my current points but since that fraudster took advantage of me I am now in trouble. Can anyone help and is this site being looked at. See below my response to them.
    Can you please get back to me urgently, I am receiving threatening messages, how dare your company threaten me, should i not hear from you within the next 48hours I will be contacting the new papers and expose you for what you are.

    Please sort out this mess on my account as soon as possible, you are causing me stress and money, I will be putting in a claim in this regard should my account not be sorted.

    To think that I have dealt with this company for many years and have to end up this way!!!

    Very Angry

    Mrs DVE Kadalie

    From: Debbie Kadalie <[email protected]>
    To: Arny Nortje <[email protected]>
    Sent: Sunday, 13 November 2011, 21:12
    Subject: Re: Emailing: scan-3091550-2011-06-09_15h21-01

    Hi Arny

    you sent me this message in September already and I have not heard from you or your company regarding the refund!!! Can you please let me know what is happening, I am now receiving statement that I owe you all this money for the upgrade which was fraudulent in the first place.

    Please get back to me as soon as possible or sent me detail of your management so that I can sort this out. I am very angry and worried about my name.

    Hoping to hear from you as soon as possible.

    Kind regards

    Debbie Kadalie

    From: Arny Nortje <[email protected]>
    To: Debbie Kadalie <[email protected]>
    Sent: Thursday, 8 September 2011, 11:25
    Subject: Re: Emailing: scan-3091550-2011-06-09_15h21-01

    Good Day

    Please be advised that i have received feedback from the franchise and they have aggreed to cancel the upgrade that was done with a full refund. will do the paper work today for this.

    Kind Regards

    Arny Nortje

    ----- Original Message -----

    From:Debbie Kadalie

    To: Arny Nortje

    Sent: Tuesday, September 06, 2011 10:43 PM

    Subject: Re: Emailing: scan-3091550-2011-06-09_15h21-01

    Thanks for your response, can you please send me a contact name and number, I need to sort this out as soon as possible, I would not want it to affect my current hloiday arrangements with flexiclub.



    From: Arny Nortje <[email protected]>
    To: Debbie Kadalie <[email protected]>
    Sent: Monday, 5 September 2011, 15:52
    Subject: Re: Emailing: scan-3091550-2011-06-09_15h21-01

    Good DAy

    Please be advised that i have not received any feedback as yet in this matter.

    I have once again send an e-mail to request feedback.

    Kind Regards


    ----- Original Message -----

    From:Debbie Kadalie

    To:[email protected]

    Sent: Tuesday, August 30, 2011 10:00 AM

    Subject: Re: Emailing: scan-3091550-2011-06-09_15h21-01

    Good morning Arny

    Please see my message below, can you please respond and let me know when I can have my money back!!!

    I was happy with what I had until your consultant told me a lot of lies and took my money for his own personal gain!!!

    I am very angry, can you please get back to me or I will have to take further steps.

    My contact number is 0044 7729972925 .

    Kind Regards

    Debbie Kadalie

    From: Debbie Kadalie <[email protected]>
    To: "[email protected]" <[email protected]>
    Sent: Tuesday, 23 August 2011, 10:53
    Subject: Re: Emailing: scan-3091550-2011-06-09_15h21-01

    Good morning Arny

    Can you please give me some feedback with regards to this query. I need to know and I also need that transaction to be reversed with immediate effect.

    Kind regards


    From: "[email protected]" <[email protected]>
    To: "[email protected]" <[email protected]>
    Sent: Monday, 15 August 2011, 9:04
    Subject: Re: Emailing: scan-3091550-2011-06-09_15h21-01

    Good morning Arny

    Thanks for the response. No, that is not my banking details, I did not give him any as I mentioned below that I make all payment via internet banking and refused to give him any banking information. I hava no idea where he got that info from.

    Hope you can assist me in this nasty situation.

    Hoping to hear from you soon.

    Kind regards
    Debbie Kadalie
    Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone on O2

    From: "Arny Nortje" <[email protected]>

    Date: Mon, 15 Aug 2011 08:36:31 +0200

    To: Debbie Kadalie<[email protected]>

    Subject: Re: Emailing: scan-3091550-2011-06-09_15h21-01

    Good Day

    Thank you for the e-mail please advise me if the banking details is yours on the document that i have send to you?

    I have forward this e-mail to agency to give me a answer on your e-mail.

    Kind Regards


    ----- Original Message -----

    From:Debbie Kadalie

    To:Arny Nortje

    Sent: Friday, August 12, 2011 5:05 PM

    Subject: Re: Emailing: scan-3091550-2011-06-09_15h21-01

    Hi Arny

    Sorry for the late response, my network crashed and my airtime ran out and it was just a mess on Wednesday when you called.

    Anyway, I examined the documents you sent me and the signature in these documents is not mine, I would like you to advise me further as to what I should do now.

    I personally would never have gone for a loan agreement for that amount or any as I'm unemployed and that was what I told your consultant (Joy), I also see that he had added in on the form that I'm self-employed, I never told him that at all. I do have a witness as my partner was sitting in on the meeting. He was absolutely shocked when I told him about this.

    This is how I came about paying him (Joy) the R3645.00

    I stayed at the Mount Sierra from 14 May to 21 May 2011, upon our arrival we got a call from Joy inviting us to a meeting, we attended the meeting which was very nice because he explained to us in detail more about Flexiclub, I told him that I'm very happy with my current package and do not need anything else, I also told him that I'll be moving to England but will still be keep my holiday points because I can use it Internationally as well and I have used it previously and it works very well, my son is still in Cape Town and he have also been enjoying the benefits of the holidays.

    He then told me if I want to have better benefits I must upgrade premier or premium account and I will enjoy much more international benefits. I told him that I'm unemployed and do not want to incur any debt, he assured me that this will only be a once off payment and I will not have to make another payment, he also told me that nothing will change as for as the cost of my current situation was concerned.

    Now that this has all came to light I realized that he never wanted me to complete the forms, he did it all by himself. He just took my information. As I can see the info on the forms are correct but my signature is not. That is not my SIGNATURE!!!

    He asked me for banking details and I questioned him and said why do you need banking details if this is only a once off payment, he told me that the office also asks for it. I then told him that a ll my payments to you are made via Internet banking and I do not have debit orders in place and don't intend to have any. I prefer paying all my accounts via Internet banking therefore I did not give him banking details. I also noticed that on of the documents has my initials on, I would never put my initials down as DVE, if initials is required for any documents I will just initial DK. I did sign a document but not any of these.

    My thinking is that he took all my info and transferred it onto these documents and copied my signature onto them. I am so angry that this had happened to me because I do have money to clear my annual fees for this year and that was budgeted for. I certainly did not budget for this, I paid the R3645 because I thought that would just make life easier for me being in the U.K. and I'm planning to come to Cape Town on holiday in the near future. What is this now going to do to my records with Flexiclub and if I need to book further holidays?

    I would like you to please refund me my R3645.00 and I will have my account just the way it was previously.

    You can contact Joy because he is not good for your business.

    Please contact me on 00447729972925 or e-mail me should you have any further questions.

    I hope this explain the fact that the debit order returned. I also hope that Joy get sorted out and that my money can be returned.

    Kind regards

    Debbie Kadalie

    From: Arny Nortje <[email protected]>
    To: [email protected]
    Sent: Wednesday, August 10, 2011 11:56 AM
    Subject: Emailing: scan-3091550-2011-06-09_15h21-01

    The message is ready to be sent with the following file or link attachments:

    Note: To protect against computer viruses, e-mail programs may prevent sending or receiving certain types of file attachments. Check your e-mail security settings to determine how attachments are handled.

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  • Po
    Popp1 Aug 19, 2012

    Just bought voucher from flexifamily last week. As of this week they don't even have a website or valid email. There phone number goes directly to message bank. I feel that they have just taken my money and packed up on gone on vacation themselves.
    I wished I had of not been suckerd into this convincing scam, it is money lost that I really needed to pay bills with. Its ###.

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Contract cancellation

I was a member of Flexiclub for the past five years. I wrote to them that I want to cancel now that I have finished the contract. They told me tO pay settlement amount which I did. I was surprised they continue to withdraw money from my account.

Last month they withdrew the monthly amount which I reversed with the bank. This month of October they tried to withdraw the annual fee which is R2750.69. Fortunately there was no money for them in the account. What I have realised they just don't want to cancel this contract.

But I vow to fight to the finish. They won't get money from me any longer. The public must be made aware of this scam. They just suck your money for nothing. People can even visit the hellopeter website to read about the many complaints people have about these people. They promise you things you will never get.

  • Br
    BradleyRW Aug 25, 2010


    My name is Bradley and i work for Flexi Club. Please email your member number to me with a time thats convenient for one of our Client Services consultants to contact you.

    We can then help you where ever possible.

    Kind regards

    [email protected]

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