Fitness Firstmembership status update

End of december 2016, my colleagues and I joined fitness first malaysia in empire subang. We were offered the corporate package and 21days discounts.

However, we have been charged rm222 the full price in feb 2017. We contacted vani in feb 2017 our sales manager to inform her on the mistake.

In march 2017, without informing us, they freezed our account. Again we asked on the membership status, they said will be resolved in april 2017.

In april 2017, we were informed that vani has been hospitalised and will be on mc for 3 months. Our membership is still not updated. We are required to submit written submission for the change of membership.

On 7th april 2017 and 17th april 2017 respectively. We sent 2 forms to change our membership.

In may 2017 we are still charged based on the old rates. I called in on 6th may 2017 and our membership are still not updated.

Futher to that, we realised in jan 2017, it was not 21 days discount but a freezed month again.

May 06, 2017

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